Meet the Team

Meet our Board and Executive Management team at Consult Red who develop our strategy and oversee our operations.

The Board

Introducing our Board with years of industry experience they set the company strategy. Being an Employee Owned Company the company strategy is a balance between commercial and employee interests. The Board is accountable to the Employee Trust.

Executive Management Team

Our experienced executive management team executes the company strategy and look after the day to day running of the business.

The Consult Red team

Our team is growing fast, propelled by increasing demand for ‘Internet of Things (IoT) smart, connected products, video and broadband end-user equipment, streaming TV devices, networks and platforms.


We have a team of more than 220 people and growing.


In 2020, Consult Red grew its team in the UK, Poland and the US by 40%


Consult Red has Europe’s largest RDK R&D team and a track record of successful product launches in multiple countries


Technology developed by Consult Red is in over 30m homes worldwide

Work with us

We share a love of technology, and a strong desire to do something different. Established in 2003, we’re a team that’s grown year-on-year to over 150 strong, and along the way accumulated cutting-edge experience and knowledge in connected devices and systems.

We work with clients to take an idea from concept through to complete product development – in short, we make their products ‘smart’ and turn their digital ambition into a reality.


Our thoughts, ideas and views as well as in-depth technical papers. Explore our insights, get to market faster and make your digital ambitions a reality.

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