Operator Smart TV

Turnkey TV solution for video service providers

Tackle existing and emerging competitive threats, run your operator application on your managed smart television without the need for a set-top box, and ensure your pay TV service is the default and ‘sovereign’ experience.


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Operator Smart TV: taking a new category of CPE to market

What is the Operator Smart TV?

The Operator Smart TV is a next-generation CPE platform for aggregated video and other value-added services that ​keeps the operator fully in control of their services and their subscribers.​

With the emergence of Operator Smart TVs, there is a path away from traditional set-top boxes towards a more integrated approach to pay TV services. This new vehicle for operator services offers a seamless, user-friendly, ‘direct to glass’ experience.

Addressing these challenges with the Operator Smart TV

Subscribers want a frustration-free user experience that seamlessly integrates content from various sources, providing a single point of access for all entertainment needs. This can be achieved through super aggregation, simple bundling and unified billing.

Operators are in a privileged position within the home. By leveraging their brand, unique content offerings, and superior UX, they can stand out from competing smart TV OEMs and OTT aggregators. Offering a differentiated experience that combines exclusive content with advanced UX features creates a compelling value proposition for subscribers. To maintain a competitive edge, operators should focus on doing a better job of aggregating and presenting content, ensuring that their platform becomes the “sovereign” app—the preferred hub for entertainment.

Operators can achieve this by investing in intuitive user interfaces, personalised recommendations, and robust search that help subscribers quickly find and watch the content they want. By offering a seamless and enjoyable user experience, operators can establish themselves as indispensable partners in the connected home, driving subscriber retention and satisfaction.

The concept of a single device with a single remote is a game-changer for operators seeking to streamline the TV experience. This approach eliminates the need for multiple devices and remotes, reducing screen source-switching and simplifying user interactions.

By offering high-quality, next-generation Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) that delivers a primary big-screen experience, operators retain ‘ownership’ of the screen and ensure a smooth and intuitive subscriber journey from start to finish. This solution can be combined with integrated technology such as soundbars and cameras, creates an even more immersive and interactive home entertainment experience.

Operators can further differentiate themselves by providing a single subscription model. This simplifies billing and removes the hassle of managing multiple subscriptions, making it easier for customers to understand and maintain their services. By offering a single, unified solution, operators can increase both subscribers satisfaction and stickiness.

Subscriber data is hugely valuable when fully harnessed, offering opportunities to improve user experience and generate additional revenue streams. However, operators must be cautious about handing over this valuable information to third parties such as TV OS platforms or app providers. Retaining control over your subscriber data allows you to leverage it for your benefit, while ensuring that sensitive customer information stays within your ecosystem.

By maintaining this control, operators can use subscriber data to optimise the subscriber experience. Enhanced content recommendations for example, allow subscribers to find the shows, movies, and other content they love with greater ease. This level of personalisation improves user satisfaction, and increases both engagement and content revenue.

In addition, operators can monetise subscriber data through targeted advertising. By understanding subscriber preferences and behaviors, you can offer advertisers more precise targeting options, creating a mutually beneficial relationship. This approach can provide an additional revenue stream without compromising user privacy or security.

To stand out in a crowded market, operators must deliver unquestionable value to their subscribers. This can be achieved in a number of different ways…

Operators can differentiate themselves by providing unique content that cannot be found elsewhere. This exclusive provision allows subscribers to access a curated selection of shows, movies, and other entertainment, making their platform the go-to destination for a variety of content. Beyond video content, operators can expand their offering with new value-added services such as gaming, fitness, telehealth, smart home integration, or social connectivity. By diversifying their offerings, operators can appeal to a broader audience and create a more comprehensive entertainment and lifestyle platform.

Maintaining a premium user experience is equally crucial. This involves creating a seamless, intuitive and frustration-free interface that surpases other TV-based options, enhances user engagement and makes content discovery and consumption enjoyable.

When operators deliver unquestionable value through unique content, a premium user experience, and bundled services, they create a compelling reason for subscribers to remain loyal to their brand.

What does it take to launch Operator Smart TV?

Strategy and planning

Strategy & planning


Hardware considerations, operator smart TV, PCB Design

Hardware considerations


Proof of concept, embedded systems

Proof of concept


Operator customisation

Operator customisation


System Integration

System integration


Market launch

Market launch


In-life and maintenance

In-life and maintenance


A partner for Operator Smart TV success

Operators need a capable partner with a turnkey solution to successfully launch their managed smart TV to market, on time and on budget.

With over 20 years experience in pay TV, Consult Red is the partner for your operator smart TV.

Why work with Red?

‘Chip-to-cloud’ experience and product accelerators to get your operator TV to market quicker.

End-to-End capabilities

From ‘Chip to Cloud’ encompassing hardware and software engineering, embedded devices and Edge AI.

TV OS and middleware

Development expertise with leading TV OS including RDK, Android TV and AOSP.

OTT app integration

Integration partner for OTT apps including Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime.

Tier 1 operator customers

Trusted by some of the world’s leading service providers for over 20 years.

Partner relationships

A large network of OEM/ODM, SoC, CAS/DRM, software platform and OS partners.

Near shore delivery teams

Flexible, local, high quality engineering resourcing to ensure project success.