DAC Warehouse

Manage and deploy your apps and services with ease

DAC Warehouse is the ultimate platform for broadband and pay TV operators looking to efficiently manage and deploy applications and services to their subscriber base.

It enables flexible and secure management of all application types, deployed across a range of CPE device profiles. Streamline operations and delight subscribers with ease.

Embrace the future of app deployment for RDK and Linux-based middlewares with DAC Warehouse.


Write once, deploy everywhere

Native applications (including RDK-V ‘premium’ apps) are costly to develop, maintain, certify and integrate with middleware platforms including RDK. Make native apps binary exchangeable for RDK6/7 operators, with app support across multiple device hardware profiles.

Consolidated app management

Manage and deliver all consumer-facing apps and headless apps/services (including partial firmware updates) in one place. Develop apps and services using your preferred approach/framework or take advantage of apps that have already been developed and are available to the market.

You’re in control

Providing a controlled app store experience has never been easier. DAC Warehouse empowers operators to create a fully integrated app store, tailored to their unique user experience while maintaining firm control over app distribution, user experience and subscriber data.


Forget about rigid firmware release cycles and monolithic deployments. With DAC Warehouse, enjoy new-found deployment flexibility. Experience application lifecycle management on a per-application, per-device profile basis, giving you unprecedented control over your app ecosystem.


DAC Warehouse has been designed to meet the scalable needs of developers. Spin up instances to support dev, staging and production and easily configure them to meet your development, testing and deployment team needs.


App Onboarding

Manage app testing, validation, certification and associated app status and meta data.

Device Management

Define, group and manage hardware profiles and inventory for effective targetting.

User Management

Ensure secure, role-based backend access for app management.

App Management

Full lifecycle management including install/uninstall, update and start/stop from a managed origin repository.

Runtime Management

Isolated management of runtime updates and initialisation to ensure smooth and secure operation.


Effective management of campaign rollouts for your install base.


Understand app activity in relation to your device and user population.

Billing and Payments

Seamless and secure integration with existing backend billing and payment systems.

Web Console

Effective and seamless management of your apps, in one place.


Integrate with your existing systems and processes with comprehensive APIs.


Spin up the environments you need to operate for your dev, test and deployment teams.

Developer SDK

Allow developers to easily build their applications and package them as OCI images for use with DAC Warehouse.

DAC Warehouse Overview

DAC Warehouse
  • DAC Warehouse

    DAC Warehouse is a global application repository managed and populated by application vendors and Consult Red. These applications are made available for operator distribution via DAC Cloud.


    • Global origin repository of managed applications
    • Developer portal and REST API
    • Application submission/publication (including app updates) and metadata
    • Application testing, verification and status view
    • Multiple applications, application runtimes and services supported
  • DAC Cloud

    DAC Cloud delivers operator-centric management of the platform and enabled devices, including application, device and user management.


    • Initialise and manage app/service updates
    • Secure application and artefact download management
    • Operator management interface and REST API
    • Device inventory and app status
    • Device group management and update targeting
    • Rollout/campaign management
  • DAC Runtime

    DAC Runtime is deployed on the video or broadband CPE device. It is the enabling software for application lifecycle management and operation, optimised for your device hardware profile.


    • RDK and Linux-based middlewares supported
    • Application lifecycle management
    • Remote device management integration

Professional Services

Comprehensive supporting services from Consult Red include consultancy, system integration, development and any required customisations. Once deployed, in-life services include app onboarding, maintenance, runtime updates, and QA, will ensure ongoing security and stable operation.

security assessment, secure architecture, remote management

Why Consult Red?

DAC Warehouse is an open, secure and flexible platform for application delivery, based on tried and tested technology. It enables RDK and Linux middleware based operators to manage and deploy apps and services with ease. It also keeps you the operator firmly in control of your service delivery and your customer experience.

Leveraging operator-proven technology, DAC Warehouse is based on collaborative development between Liberty Global and Consult Red, and is being open sourced to the community via RDK Central. Having been integral to the development of this new functionality, we are the ideal partner to tailor DAC Warehouse to your specific end-to-end needs.


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