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As Industry 4.0 evolves, the convergence of physical and digital technology into cyber-physical systems brings with it increasing complexity.

We’re a trusted consulting partner that provides end-to-end product development support with a big focus on creating secure, connected devices and systems.

From embedded systems to working with industrial networks, connecting existing devices or developing new ones from scratch, we can help you make your vision a reality.

IoT and Industry 4.0

As Industry 4.0 and the digital landscape evolves, manufacturing and industrial businesses will need to adapt to remain competitive in their markets. This cyber-physical revolution marks a time of change and upheaval.

Unlike previous industrial revolutions, there’s not just one single force or primary technology driving the transformation; it’s steered by multiple technologies, including automation and AI, augmented reality, Cloud and Big Data.

This convergence of physical and software systems in the industrial and manufacturing sectors brings with it increasing complexity that creates opportunities but also threatens trust.

We’ll apply our cutting-edge experience and talent in product development, hardware, embedded and cloud technology to help you manage the transition, ensuring your connected goals are met in the most secure and robust way.

I want to...

  • Choose the right radio solution

    The right radio system is vital for ensuring secure, robust communciation within a warehouse or industrial environment, and is an essential means for industrial monitoring. At Consult Red, we can help you select, design, develop and deliver a range of solutions that are fit for purpose in the modern world of manufacturing. From NB-IoT, Sigfox, Lora, 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE to IO-Link, proprietary networks and gateways to TCP/IP, we can get your on-site communication up and running minimising setbacks and delays. Whatever your requirements, we aim to deliver the right radio solution allowing you to run a safe and highly productive manufacturing operation.

  • Establish security peace of mind

    Managing trust-related risk such as data, privacy, or cybersecurity, is a critical success factor in any launch of connected devices and systems. Get this wrong and it can affect brand reputation, sales, revenues, and health and safety. From the beginning to the end of your product development journey, and even afterwards, we’ll ensure your connected solution is secure and robust. We can also provide an independent review of security across devices and systems to ensure you have the necessary protection in place. We can do end-to-end security testing and penetration testing for individual components, as well as attack surface analysis.

  • Begin digital transformation

    We can help businesses begin their journey into industrial automation and digital transformation. Consult Red has years of experience and in-depth knowledge of trends, practices and regulations across a number of industries, and security is at the centre of everything we do. From upgrading legacy systems to capturing valuable data, we work to solve problems in the safest, most robust ways. Through digitalisation and automation, you can optimise processes and procedures, boost productivity, and have a scalable solution for future growth. If you need help designing a smart manufacturing environment with as little disruption as possible, we can turn your vision into reality.

  • Improve my supply chain

    Optimising the supply chain increases accuracy, delights the customer, improves demand planning and decision making, and helps to reduce costs. It’s one of the most important components for business success, and our intelligent end-to-end solutions can transform your operations with scalable systems that support future growth. From deploying tracking software and inventory audit tools to ERP integration, we can design, develop and deliver smart solutions to help you grow.

  • Connect my OT and IT systems

    If you want to connect your operational technology (OT) systems and information technology (IT) systems together through messaging frameworks, application programming interfaces or database connectors, Consult Red are here to help. IT/OT convergence combines two major powers in Industrial IoT, opening up new opportunities for growth and access. At the same time, new technology can pose a number of security concerns, so choosing the right technology partner is crucial. We are focused on creating security peace of mind for our clients, and our experience in technological and semantic interoperability ensures you have access to the right data in safe and secure networks.

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