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Red Embedded announces rebrand to Consult Red

A new decade, a new chapter, a new name   Shipley, Yorkshire, UK. Release: 7 February 2020     Red Embedded today announced a major…

Case Studies

Low cost wireless gateway bridge for connected home sensors

Designed for manufacture and scale, we delivered an end-to-end connected platform communicated through a low-cost gateway to the cloud.  

Case Studies

Development of a video and health data platform

A health technology start-up wanted to bring video communication and health data collection for the NHS and social care system to help support keeping patients…

Case Studies

Feasibility of power management for an autonomous, in-field device

The client, an environmental monitoring equipment company, wanted to develop a new in-field device that could be left in remote locations to monitor sound pressure…

Case Studies

Considering RDK-V in a Set Top Box Middleware Roadmap

A leading national digital TV operator wanted to explore the implications of incorporating the community source Reference Development Kit for Video (RDK-V) into their middleware…

Case Studies

Smart demand vehicle charging solution

A major UK energy supplier wanted to develop a cloud-controlled vehicle to grid power management solution to complement renewable generation and meet grid system demand…

Case Studies

A connected e-Cigarette device

We were approached by a leading vaping product manufacturer who wanted to turn their existing e-cigarette product into a connected device, adding secure data collection…