Hardware Design and Development

Solving your toughest hardware challenges

With expertise across hardware, software and cloud, we offer consultancy, architecture and development services for complex, edge AI capable, end-to-end systems – designed to operate with constrained resources or in challenging environments

Connected hardware technology landscape

The recent advancement in intelligent devices and systems has been meteoric, and the rate of technological change is only set to increase.

We’ve seen significant developments in both embedded systems and edge AI, alongside AR/VR hitting the mainstream, and new variations in product form factors such as flexible and foldable displays. Looking ahead, future developments such as miniaturisation, organic electronics, quantum technologies and fully autonomous devices will enable even more exciting new market opportunities.

The smart intelligent devices market is predicted to hit $70 billion by 2030 (from $15 billion in 2022), fuelling ever more need for trusted, vendor-agnostic innovation partners and engineering services providers.

Partners such as Consult Red can reduce complexity and help clients navigate the vast technology and vendor landscape, to ensure long-term success.

Connected device design and development

Areas Of Hardware Expertise

Audio Visual (AV)

AV transmission, reception, and conversion including HDMI, LVDS, V-by-One®, DisplayPort, far-field audio, audio distribution and amplification

Edge connectivity

Connectivity and interfaces. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LTE, 5G, G.hn, Ethernet, USB and mmWave. Comms protocols including LwM2M and MQTT

Smart vision

Smart vision

Selection of sensors (image, MEMS, ToF, Sensor Fusion), lens (glass/liquid), processor, video and control interfaces (MIPI, IP). Optical system matching and optimisation

Hardware Design and Development Services

RF technology

Wireless communication and signal processing (including Sub-1 GHz, ATSC, DVB), and low-power wireless

PCB and schematics

High speed design, analogue design and leading PCB
technologies (HDI, ELIC, Any Layer HDI)

FPGA development

Custom high-speed designs based on Xilinx FPGA and MPSoC’s targeting volume deployments and PoCs

Firmware development - icon

Firmware development

Embedded firmware development ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance of your hardware devices

Rapid prototyping

Quick turnaround prototyping to get to an initial
PoC or MVP, bringing hardware concepts to tangible reality

Hardware test & validation

Hardware test & validation

Test and validate the design, construction & performance of your product is optimised
to suit your market requirements

Mechanical design - icon

Mechanical design

Innovative mechanical design for durable, functional
and aesthetically appealing hardware products, including design for manufacture

Manufacturing and vendors

Selection and management of manufacturing partners,
and component suppliers for optimal production efficiency and quality


Regulatory compliance

Ensure devices meet regulatory standards for EMC, radio, eco-design and safety market approval, including CE/UKCA/FCC

Design reviews and architecture studies - icon

Design reviews and architecture studies

Independent studies, teardowns, or design reviews
– based on documentation or physical devices

Service/test equipment - icon

Service/test equipment

Bespoke solutions for labs, factories, and warehouses,
utilising any combinations of in-house design and controllable test equipment

In-life and redesign services

In-life and redesign

Component obsolescence, in-life changes, cost-downs
and optimisations to improve product performance/

Why partner with Consult Red?

With an enviable track record of successful project delivery, we enable rapid and effective innovation, aligning our clients business and technology ambitions with successful outcomes and market success.

  • Solutions and accelerators to kick-start development
  • Appropriate technologies and proportionate solutions
  • Making products smart – where required and effective
  • Proven methodologies, refined across 100s of projects
  • Experienced, highly skilled engineers (average 12+ years)
  • Truly independent – technology and vendor-agnostic
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