Android TV

Development, Porting and Integration Services

Android TV is Google’s operating system for connected TVs and set-top boxes. It is a well-adopted platform that offers versatility for operators to easily deliver rich, interactive content and streaming services directly to consumers and subscribers.

Over 170 hybrid broadcast and OTT operators have chosen Android TV to deliver their video services because it provides a ​feature-rich, turn-key solution to deliver a huge number of OTT services (VOD/SVOD/AVOD) and apps, alongside broadcast content. ​

But… some challenges and constraints come with this versatility. Are you struggling with any of the following?

  • OS consideration ​as part of product roadmap planning
  • Platform or application porting to new hardware or OS versions
  • Performance or security requirements or issues
  • Custom ​requirements ​- integrating bespoke UX and services
  • Platform stability ​and performance – measurements and optimisation
  • Android OS version upgrade management and recertification
  • Maintaining your device estate ​and extending device lifespan

Operators need to quickly launch their performant product, which is highly integrated with their custom UI.

Knowing how to customise Android TV “the right way” is key to avoiding future problems.

Smart TV

Android TV Services

Our complete portfolio of services enable operators to get their fully integrated, customised platforms to market quicker, ​while reducing project risk, and developing performant products that deliver high-quality, fully integrated user experiences.


Requirements analysis and consultancy to design and deliver appropriate, future-proof solutions.

Platform development

Full stack expertise including OS (Android TV, Operator Tier, AOSP), UI/UX, firmware and apps.

Porting and integration

Porting platforms and applications to new hardware or upgrading Android TV/AOSP versions.


Evaluating existing solutions and optimising stacks to improve performance and/or stability.


Managing platform testing, validation and recertification. ​(CTS, GTS, VTS, TVTS, STS, BTS)



Maintain, upgrade and optimise in-field devices.

Android TV System Integration

With complete software stack expertise including middleware, firmware, app integration and device-level development, we can be trusted to handle your complete platform integration (SoC, APIs, middlewares, applications).

We are always ‘by your side’, working as an independent party across technical and organisational boundaries, to ensure project success and reduce time to market.

Why work with Consult Red for Android TV?

De-risk your next Android TV development or customisation project and get to market quicker.

Reduce engineering costs with efficient issue resolution, enabled by our direct vendor relationships.

Stabilise or optimise ​
the performance of your platform, leveraging our full stack expertise.

Implement new features and services, fully integrated into your Android TV UX.

Outsource the headache of Android TV OS ​version upgrades and recertification.

Extend the lifespan ​
of your Android TV device population.

Accelerate your product development with our flexible and field-proven tooling and project frameworks.

Trust us to ‘own the problem’,​ working with 3rd parties (if required) to ensure nothing falls between the cracks.

Leverage data insights to stay ahead with proactive and pre-emptive issue identification and resolution.

A partner for Android TV success

With over 20 years experience in pay TV, and nearly 10 years experience with Android TV, Consult Red is the partner for your next project.