Energy and Utilities

We’ve partnered with energy and utility providers to develop connected solutions that better manage natural resources and drive their digital transformation.

From strategy and feasibility of new ideas to design and implementation, we can help you innovate and get ready for a zero-carbon future.

IoT in Energy and Utilities

From renewable energy, smart meters and electric cars, to water, oil and gas, there are big changes happening in the provision and usage of our energy and utilities.

This change brings enormous potential in the way we generate, extract, manage and distribute our natural resources. But, increasing complexity also brings with it huge challenges in areas such as risk and security.

Whether it’s better management of demand from the grid, measurement of extraction and flow, detecting loss and leaks, or more insight into supply and demand, there’s increasing need for connected devices and systems to measure and provide accurate data.

At Consult Red we can help turn your vision into reality, with the highest considerations of security and trust in mind.

I want to...

  • Reduce natural resources waste

    As the world’s population increases, we need to find ways to optimise resource efficiency. Water companies in the UK lose more than 20% of water through leakage – that’s as much as 3,300,000,000 litres per day in England and Wales. To reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 homes will need to use at least one third less energy for heating than today. At Consult Red, we understand the pressing importance of creating resource-saving solutions, not just for now, but for a better future. From bringing water optimisation to life to building that fundamental trust with customers, it is time to take action.

  • Understand customer behaviour

    Energy customers are more informed than they’ve ever been. Not only are they quick to switch when the price isn’t right, but they also care about reducing their carbon footprint. They want more renewable energy, better customer service, and transparency with their energy usage. And with a competitive landscape that includes more than just the ‘Big Six’, the opportunities are vast. The growing power of the consumer means they can no longer be ignored. We can help you tap into important data, discover actionable insight, and get connected in a way that delights the customer as well as your renewal rates.

  • Improve production and distribution

    Grid balancing is one of the most vital aspects of managing power supply and demand. But in recent years, the balancing act has become even harder with the addition of renewables and demand from the likes of electric cars. The power grid must adapt to handle the volatile nature of renewable energy. To do this, we need a better understanding of production, distribution and usage. We consult on intelligent, secure and scalable ways to optimise and manage different resources. Using advanced analytics for energy management, we can achieve an important industry goal – to create maximum benefit to humans and the planet.

  • Develop an e2e system

    At Consult Red, we provide systems and solutions that help you measure and understand physical parameters, with full compliance management, rigorous testing and the highest levels of security. If you need to collect data, and you want to visualise that data in easy, user-friendly ways, we can help you develop an e2e system that makes analysis simple for your teams. From sensor software, cloud platforms and data visualisation to actionable information, we can help your business stand out in today’s competitive energy market.

  • Develop a high-power smart solution

    Smart technology is revolutionising the energy sector and as IoT gains momentum, utilities will need to adapt to growing trends and customer demands. Energy suppliers hold the power of transformation, and are yet to unlock the true value of the modern smart home. Not only does smart technology help companies provide transparency and build trust, but it can reveal precious data to develop better, more attractive tariffs for the consumer. From meters to battery technology for homes and cars, the market opportunity is huge. If you need to intelligently manage power systems from the micro to the macro, we can help.

  • Integrate disparate systems

    The data integration challenge in a world of data silos is about finding ways to connect safely, securely, and with as little disruption as possible to existing systems. Bringing components together (and connecting new technology with legacy software) requires a robust and cohesive approach. One that is backed by years of knowledge and experience. If you want to connect systems to share and aggregate data, we can help. Our consulting experts work in collaboration with you to achieve the data goals you desire, giving you better control of the information stored within your organisation and boosting your connected capabilities for future learning.

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