Feasibility of power management for an autonomous, in-field device

For a Global manufacturer of environmental sound and vibration monitoring equipment


  • Customer wanted to develop a new in-field device that could be left in remote locations to monitor sound pressure levels for longer, extended periods and collect more data.​
  • They had a concept in mind and engaged Consult Red to scope, design and develop their low-power solution and test that it could transmit the environmental sound data from a remote location, using just solar power to extend the in-field operation of the in-built Li-ion cells.
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We brought our experience in sensing, data communications, data compression, power management and solar charging to innovate power management capability for stand-alone devices in remote locations.

Consult Red


  • The resulting technology demonstrated the improved capabilities for environmental monitoring and provided a real-world understanding of power needs and recharging in a difficult climate such as the UK.

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