Feasibility of power management for an autonomous, in-field device

For: Global manufacturer of environmental sound and vibration monitoring equipment

The issue:

The client, an environmental monitoring equipment company, wanted to develop a new in-field device that could be left in remote locations to monitor sound pressure levels for longer, extended periods and collect more data.

Our objective:

They had a concept in mind and came to Red to scope, design and develop their low-power solution and test that it could transmit the environmental sound data from a remote location, using just solar power to extend the in-field operation of the inbuilt Li-ion cells.

What we did:

Proof of concept & design

We researched and selected components and the end-to-end data path, specifying the hardware and software architectures, assessing audio data compression and Wi-Fi/cellular options for data communication and the feasibility of Bluetooth 5, LORA, SigFox and DECT communications. In addition, we researched solar power, battery and recharging options. We then built a proof of concept and performed field testing.

Scaled solution

From the outset, we designed with volume manufacture in mind and consumer targeted technology.


Ensured hardware and software would be capable of complying with all necessary worldwide standards.

Data Capture

Captured, measured and transmitted information and data relating to temperature, pressure, humidity, high quality audio input and GPS receiver.

We used our experience and knowledge of remote sensing, power usage/management and scale to plan for a successful product, and help the client navigate each stage of the product development journey.

We brought our experience in sensing, data communications, data compression, power management and solar charging to innovate power management capability for stand-alone devices in remote locations.

How we did it:

The resulting technology demonstrated the improved capabilities for environmental monitoring and provided real-world understanding about power needs and recharging in a difficult climate such as the UK.

The outcome:

The client, a leading environmental monitoring company, was able to develop their concept without costly delays or issues, to open up a new monitoring opportunity.

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