Smart demand vehicle charging solution

For a leading UK energy supplier


  • Scope, design and develop a production and scale-ready solution that would enable the energy supplier to offer smart in-home vehicle charging that:​
  • Enabled demand management of supply (especially peak supply) to and from the grid.​
  • Lowered carbon generation intensity.​
  • Reduced charging costs for customers.


Electric car charger

Over 75% of electric vehicles could be using smart charging by 2050*. Well over 2.8 trillion data points will be collected into 2050 to understand where electric vehicles are charging on the electricity system*.

*Source: Future Energy Scenarios – nationalgrid ESO, July 2019


  • The solution we developed uses AI to create ‘smart-charge’, controlling the balance of demand load across the grid.​
  • The sensing technology we integrated into the product design and hardware is key to the control system and management of grid services.​
  • We knew the potential product development pitfalls and could help to navigate the customer through each stage of the development journey.


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