The Healthcare ecosystem is advancing fast. New technologies have the potential to transform patients’ lives, but it’s a sector that brings unique challenges in the development, approval and deployment of connected devices and systems.

We have deep experience in delivering new technologies in healthcare. From strategy and proof of concept all the way to scale and implementation, we’ll turn your ideas into a reality.

IoT in Healthcare

From wearable devices to digital healthcare tools, the Healthcare ecosystem is advancing fast. New technologies have the potential to transform the lives of patients, but it’s a sector that brings unique challenges around the development, approval and deployment of connected devices and systems.

Based on open standards, the end-to-end platforms we have created and deployed in European markets use video technology that provides visual connections between people in their homes and care providers. Our specific experience in this sector, allied with our background in developing and deploying solutions at scale for our media customers, means we are uniquely qualified to help you succeed.

We understand the many challenges that can arise in the Healthcare technology development journey, including matters of security and privacy. We’ve implemented a range of connected capabilities including remote connections to dialysis machines, a range of physiological measurements, interoperability with other cloud platforms and integrated reporting and measurement functionality.

The opportunities in healthcare are potentially huge but having an experienced partner is key. At Consult Red we can help you navigate potential issues, from device to connectivity, that can have a huge impact on time to market to help you deliver the best possible impact.

I want to...

  • Improve the user experience and interface

    Our experience in developing and testing user interfaces and remote-control devices means we understand many of the challenges of designing consumer products for the home, that will be used by patients with a wide range of ages and physical capabilities.

  • Make my platform interoperable

    Future requirements for digital health systems to be compliant with a set of interoperable standards is introducing obligations for systems to utilise FHIR, HL7 and SNOMED CT. We can help develop these capabilities.

  • Understand the adoption challenges in the NHS

    Our teams have developed a communication platform to support remote care and understand the challenges of technology adoption in NHS and social care settings. Members of our team have contributed to innovation adoption studies for organisations such as UCL Partners and the Local Government Association.

  • Scale my technology solution

    Having demonstrated the concept and produced a production prototype the next stage is to consider the needs of scale. We can help with support for scaling data and connectivity or for manufacturing. Our experience will help you scale efficiently and effectively.

  • Integrate my technology platforms

    Interoperability is just a step on the road to integration. Bringing platforms together to share data and augment each other requires understanding of both the technological aspects and the operational requirements. We have extensive experience in the challenges of integration of platforms across operational and informational needs.

  • Generate data from my existing product/s

    A key challenge of introducing new technology that disrupts current practice in healthcare is in understanding how that disruption will change the way things are done. This requires intelligent instrumenting of the solution, and measurement of a range of parameters linked both to activity but also outcomes. This instrumentation process is important but often not obvious. We can help by systematically exploring the proposed intervention and helping to capture relevant and actionable data.

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