Scaling IoT to mass market

Scaling your product to the ‘00s, ‘000s, or even millions brings additional commercial and technical risks that can be easily overlooked during development and early deployment. Getting your IoT product to scale profitably is a multi-stage journey that requires different skills, experience and approaches at each stage. ​​

Getting any technology product or service to scale is a challenge

55% of organisations “have struggled to deliver business value from IoT projects”. Most have conducted in-house pilots, but “lacked a coherent strategy to deploy their initiatives enterprise-wide” according to Cognizant.

Whether your IoT development is an in-house project or a new product or service, it will inevitably involve a set of competing technology choices. One set of choices may work for a prototype or in-house pilot, but will they work at the scale and reliability you are targeting? Is your profitability dependent on deploying at scale?

The true cost of an enterprise-wide initiative or scale IoT deployment is often underestimated as are the risks. This can lead to a loss in stakeholder confidence (and sometimes funding).

Getting your IoT product to the scale and operational reliability required is a multi-stage journey that requires different skills, experience and approaches at each stage.

How we can help

As a tried and trusted technology innovation partner, we’ve developed smart, secure technology that’s in over 30 million homes worldwide – we know what it takes to scale connected devices to provide reliability at scale.

We take our customers from idea to concept to millions of deployed products; we know the journey. We help them manage risk, keep stakeholders on side and deliver successful, profitable products to market faster.

Quick guide

Accelerate your development of IoT products

6-steps to scaling profitable, secure, smart IoT products to market

Scaling IoT playbook


Scale IoT faster and manage risk

Product development handbook to help you navigate the scaling process and hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls associated with IoT product development failure


Common security mistakes when developing an IoT device

Costs can spiral when scaling from trials to hundreds of thousands of devices. We examine the ‘hidden costs’ and how to build into business plans.

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Our Capabilities

We’ve developed smart, secure technology that’s in over 50 million homes worldwide, we can help manage your risk and get you to market faster.


Architecture and implementation

Our experienced solution architects can help you navigate common pitfalls to manage risk and get to market faster.

Secure by design

Developing secure IoT products

We’ve designed connected home systems with security at heart to protect customers and their valuable content.

Embedded Systems

End-to-end bespoke service

We have a proven track record in embedded hardware design, software development and systems integration.

Why Work with Red?

Our experience in scaling doesn’t just cover taking IoT devices from concept to mass production we also have expertise spanning the complete chip to cloud system.

Trusted innovation partner

We’ve established our reputation by building strong, long-term relationships with providers in the Pay TV, media and OTT industry, helping them become leaders in their field.

End-to-end development

From research and strategy to development, compliance, scale and production, we’ve helped clients to avoid pitfalls and get to market without delay.

Making products ‘SMART’

We’ve accumulated cutting-edge experience in software and hardware design, including embedded and cloud solutions, to deliver connected devices and systems.