Getting any technology product or service to scale is a challenge

55% of organisations “have struggled to deliver business value from IoT projects”. Most have conducted in-house pilots, but “lacked a coherent strategy to deploy their initiatives enterprise-wide” according to Cognizant.

Whether your IoT development is an in-house project or a new product or service, it will inevitably involve a set of competing technology choices. One set of choices may work for a prototype or in-house pilot, but will they work at the scale and reliability you are targeting? Is your profitability dependent on deploying at scale?

The true cost of an enterprise-wide initiative or scale IoT deployment is often underestimated as are the risks. This can lead to a loss in stakeholder confidence (and sometimes funding).

Getting your IoT product to the scale and operational reliability required is a multi-stage journey that requires different skills, experience and approaches at each stage.