Consumer Electronics

With a track record of end-to-end product development, from strategy, security and proof of concept all the way to scaled manufacturing and production, we’ll turn your ideas into success on the retail shelf.

Consumer Electronics and IoT

In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion in connected devices for consumers. The numbers of tablets, smartphones, wearables and intelligent, voice-controlled household items have grown at a rapid rate. The smart home is fast evolving, and consumers are constantly looking for more integration and the next intelligent thing.

We have decades of experience in designing connected consumer electronics, including extensive work on home entertainment hubs, including TVs, set-top boxes (STBs) and connected media players.

We have also innovated and connected everyday devices and systems for our clients, ranging from video telephones, mobiles and tablets to eCigarettes.

With a deep understanding of the home environment, the wireless landscape and consumer electronic regulations, we understand all the potential pitfalls of the development journey. We’re here to help you navigate each stage, avoiding issues and costly delays and ensuring your hardware and software solutions are secure and compliant.

I want to...

  • Find the right radio solution

    At Consult Red, we can help you choose the right radio solution to bring your product design to life. Our knowledge spans the LAN in the home to the WAN and encompasses all of the wireless connectivity used in consumer products. We can provide support for in-home solutions and help with cross-platform interoperability in the cloud. We will help you explore the use or development of different solutions using Bluetooth, Zigbee, Zwave, W-Fi or other radio standards.

  • Productise a proof of concept

    This is the part where you turn great technology into great products. We can help design software and hardware solutions with defined outcomes for the end user. Instead of simply focusing on the technology, we will focus on the things that will make your product or device marketable. Successful products must be appealing, usable, practical and capable of global traction. Consult Red have years of experience in this area, taking products to scale and leading with a consumer-centric approach to make user experience better.

  • Industrialise and scale a product

    At Consult Red, we help brands go from innovation to industrialisation, making sure product quality is up to scratch. Throughout this process, we can meet the most stringent requirements and create suitable test strategies for prototypes. With our multi-market expertise, we can optimise production for any device or product while helping you find ways to keep costs low. During the design phase, we can advise on aspects such as cost, quality, reliability, manufacturability, serviceability and security to develop the product to the highest level. If you want to take a product to scale, get in touch with us today.

  • Develop a robust business plan

    Our experience in developing consumer products means we can deep-dive into the capital costs and the operational costs in market plans – the total cost of ownership. Introducing a product without a roadmap and robust, detailed evaluation of total cost of ownership mean your connected device can be uncompetitive when it gets to market. We can provide ‘cost-down, feature-up’ reviews so that you are always aware of the landscape that your product sits in. We’re an independent consultancy, and our impartial, objective advice can be useful in sense checking and reviewing proposals, business models and go-to-market plans.

  • Develop an end-to-end solution

    We offer support for end-to-end solutions that cross different technology types. Consumer devices are no longer standalone products but interact with mobile phones, routers, cloud services and applications. We can support you through the entire product development journey, meaning fewer different vendors to project manage, and less risk. This is particularly important when considering aspects such as security, which should be looked at through the entire process, and not just a bolt-on at the end. If you want to develop an end-to-end system combining the wireless sensor, connection to a hub or gateway, cloud data management or a mobile phone application, our expert team at Consult Red can help.

  • Ensure my product is secure

    Connected devices provide endless possibilities for the customer, but security and privacy can be a concern. Security is a systemic consideration and is not something that can be simply retro-fitted to a product. If you want to harden your security implementation, we can help you explore security measures and better understand vulnerabilities. Not only do we look at data privacy and regulatory compliance, but we also think about market trends to make sure your product stays safe for tomorrow. Having us by your side ensures that security is a central consideration in your product

  • Optimise power and usage

    Different products have different needs. However, there is always a trade-off between capabilities, size, weight and power usage when it comes to creating a marketable electronic device. While exciting new features are important for product differentiation, consumers also want energy efficiency and batteries that last. Consult Red can help you find the perfect equilibrium for your product design. If you want to understand how device selection trades off wireless connectivity, size, power consumption and battery life, we can help you assess, adapt and optimise.

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