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We know that one of the biggest challenges is scaling a product from proof of concept or MVP to the mass market.

About Scale & Production

Scaling to high-volume manufacturing means thinking ahead and preparing for the future early in the product development journey. Good design for manufacture and cost engineering will have a massive impact when it comes to production.

As well as choosing the right manufacturing partner, to procurement, quality control and testing across 100, 10,000 or 100,000 units, we’ll help you and your teams plan and deliver your product to manufacture and market.

Included in Scale & Production

We’ll help you and your teams plan, scale and deliver your product to manufacture and market.

Choosing manufacturing partners

Whether it’s ODMs or CEMs, we’ll help you find and manage the right partner
  • Selection criteria and process
  • Auditing of capability and capacity
  • Management of manufacturing partners globally
  • Managing RFI and RFP processes

Purchasing and procurement

Finding the right things at the right price and quality
  • Component specification
  • Expert purchasing and procurement
  • Trusted supply chain

Design for manufacture

If using an ODM, we’ll make sure your end product is economically viable
  • Design assessment
  • Cost optimisation
  • Design for manufacture

Quality control and testing

We’ll help make sure your final product makes the grade
  • Factory test
  • Fixtures
  • Quality control
  • Commissioning volume ramp

Secure in-factory provisioning

Facilitation and management of customised in-factory security and settings
  • Provisioning
  • Serialisation
  • Security keys
  • Remotely managed and secured hardware

Cloud solutions

We’ll build scalable, cost effective cloud solutions
  • Data volume
  • Latency
  • Storage and management


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