Production and Scale

We know that one of the biggest challenges is scaling a product from proof-of-concept (PoC) or Minimum Viable Product (MVP), to the mass market.

Scaling to high-volume production and manufacturing means thinking ahead and preparing for the future early in the product development journey

Good design for manufacture and cost engineering will have a massive impact when it comes to production.

As well as choosing the right manufacturing partner, to procurement, quality control and testing across 100, 10,000 or 100,000 units, we’ll help you and your teams plan and deliver your product to manufacture and market.

Scale and Production services

We’ll help you and your teams plan, scale and deliver your product to manufacture and market – all part of our End to End product development services.

Find and manage the right ODM/CEM partner

Manufacturing partner selection

  • Selection criteria and process
  • Auditing of capability and capacity
  • Management of manufacturing partners globally
  • Managing RFI and RFP processes
manufacturing partner selection

Finding the right things, at the right price and quality

Purchasing and procurement

  • Component specification
  • Expert purchasing and procurement
  • Trusted supply chain
purchasing and procurement

Ensure your end product is economically viable

Design for manufacture

  • Design assessment
  • Cost optimisation
  • Design for manufacture
design for manufacture

Make sure your final product makes the grade

Quality control and testing

  • Factory test
  • Fixtures
  • Quality control
  • Commissioning volume ramp
quality control testing

Facilitation and management of in-factory security

Secure in-factory provisioning

  • Provisioning
  • Serialisation
  • Security keys
  • Remotely managed and secured hardware
secure factory

We’ll build scalable, cost effective solutions

Cloud solutions

  • Amazon Web services (AWS), Google GCP and Microsoft Azure
  • Data volume
  • Latency
  • Storage and management
cloud solutions

Consult Red are experts in smart product design and development

Some of the world’s biggest brands trust our team’s capabilities


  • Hardware design experts
  • Video and embedded vision
  • Connectivity (wired, wireless, GSM, LPWA)
  • Power management and low power devices

Embedded software

Cloud platforms

  • Cloud solution architects
  • Architecture, data/video streaming, serverless, microservices
  • AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
  • AI and machine learning