Smart Router

Make your router work smarter​

Adopting containerisation, a new paradigm in software development and deployment, operators can make their router CPE and software stack work smarter for efficient and agile broadband service delivery.

With deep expertise in embedded systems and containerised technologies, we are ideally placed to take you through every stage of your smart router project, from planning and design to implementation and launch.

In conversation with Broadband TV News: Smart routers mean smart homes


In conversation with Broadband TV News: Smart routers mean smart homes

What is the Smart Router?

The Smart Router enables communication service providers to work smarter and do more with less by enabling a new paradigm of modularity on both new and legacy routers, powered by software containerisation and open software platforms like RDK-B and prplOS.

Realise flexibility and efficiency in your software engineering operations and introduce new levels of business agility to ensure subscriber satisfaction and retention.

Addressing these challenges with the Smart Router

Work smarter and do more with less, by enabling a new paradigm of modularity on both new and legacy routers, powered by software containerisation and open software platforms such as RDK-B or prplOS. Operators now have the opportunity to adopt simplified and standardised device software, a common stack for router firmware, which can be controlled and operated from a single backend and control interface.

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Making your router work smarter in this way doesn’t mean adding device complexity or cost. Lightweight executable containers enable flexible software lifecycle management without increasing device resource requirements.

By freeing your device software from monolithic release cycles, you can quickly get to market and confidently deploy updates and new services at your own pace. You can efficiently manage your mixed estate of devices from multiple OEMs, with different SoCs and across multiple access networks.

Deploy and run services considering optimal cost efficiencies and security implications. For example, existing cloud-based services can be moved to the edge device to reduce OpEx.

The smart router is a platform capable of delivering value-added services to subscribers, including the ability to introduce ‘intelligence’ via edge AI capabilities.

Software containerisation on open platforms such as RDK-B and prplOS introduces the capability for the agile introduction and management of applications such as home security, home automation, network management, network security and telehealth.

The ability for operators to flexibly and quickly develop and deploy these applications to their subscriber base introduces new levels of business agility and the ability to differentiate in a crowded and competitive market. By delivering additional subscriber revenue, operators can improve customer satisfaction, increase subscriber ‘stickiness’ and combat price erosion to improve ARPU.

What does it take to launch a smart router?

Strategy and planning

Strategy & planning

Proof of concept, embedded systems

Proof of ​concept​

Operator customisation

Operator​ customisation​

System Integration

Backend integration​

Market launch

Device n​ launch​

Phased launch

Phased n+1 device launch​

In-life and maintenance

In-life and maintenance​

A partner for Smart Router success

Operators need a single, turnkey partner to successfully launch their smart router to market, on time and on budget.

With over 20 years experience of working with leading broadband operators, Consult Red is the ideal partner for your smart router.

Why work with Consult Red?

‘Chip-to-cloud’ experience and product accelerators to get your smart router to market quicker.

End-to-End capabilities

From ‘Chip to Cloud’ encompassing hardware and software engineering, embedded devices and Edge AI.

Open software platforms

Development expertise with leading software stacks including RDK-B, prplOS and OpenWRT.

Containerisation experts

We’ve developed standards-compliant containers technology for broadband and video platforms.

Tier 1 operator customers

Trusted by some of the world’s leading communication service providers for over 20 years.

Partner relationships

A large network of OEM/ODM, SoC, software platform and OS partners.

Near shore delivery teams

Flexible, local, high quality engineering resourcing to ensure project success.

No lock-in

We are independent and technology agnostic​, supporting your long term strategic plans.

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