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Good decisions need good insights. The technology landscape is vast, complex and changing at a bewildering pace. The business impact of technological change to markets, operations & costs, are often far-reaching, unexpected and sometimes business defining.

Research & Strategy in Embedded Product Development

We can provide expertise and advice to analyse the options, cut through the complexity and provide information and insight you need to set the right direction. When it comes to developing connected devices and systems, many companies have found the selection and implementation more challenging than they expected. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in research and strategy upfront, and avoid costly pitfalls and delays later when the initial approach may need to be reconsidered.

If the last few years have shown anything, it’s that rushing to market and ‘learning by doing’ in most cases won’t work. It’s important to be clear from the outset the scale of the product, how you’ll handle data, security and privacy, as well as interoperability, and many other factors too.

Included in Research & Strategy

Whether it’s developing a new product, or connecting and integrating existing devices and systems, there are a myriad of options and trade-offs you’ll need to think about. We can help you set a strategy for success.

Market landscape

We’ll look at how you can position yourself in the market.
  • Emerging technology landscape
  • Existing and trending services
  • Competitive research and analysis
  • Winners and losers
  • Critical success factors

Security assessment

Trust is a critical success factor from the start, we can help you
  • Assess current and future security needs
  • Plan a secure architecture
  • Implement and manage security
  • Appraise, evolve and innovate ongoing security

Feasibility and ROI studies

We’ll help you understand if your idea is viable in the real world
  • Solution architecture
  • Cost and resource requirements
  • Scope of implementation

Commercial tech analysis

Understand the true cost of your idea in detail
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Total cost of ownership analysis
  • Lifecycle of the product
  • Impact of specific technologies
  • Device development metrics

Supporting the tender process

We’ll help you find the right partners
  • Writing the tender / RFQ
  • Scoping suppliers
  • Assessing responses
  • Aiding selection

Technical assessment

Helping you make technical, commercial and strategic appropriate decisions
  • Software and hardware solutions
  • Probe and challenge product claims
  • Lab testing and verification
  • Assessing supplier options


Our thoughts, ideas and views as well as in-depth technical papers. Explore our insights, get to market faster and make your digital ambitions a reality.

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