Compliance and Risk

From the very start of your connected product development journey, we’ll be looking to manage your risk and compliance; risks such as cybersecurity, data protection and privacy, as well as compliance to the myriad of regimes, certifications and standards across both hardware and software.

It’s our strong belief that security and compliance are something that needs to be planned from the start and shouldn’t be an after-thought, or something to be retro-fitted at the end of the development process.

Managing risk and compliance at every step in the development journey pays dividends – in short, being last minute about security and compliance is an expensive approach.


Not only can we offer a fast and flexible service, with tailored performance assessment and supplier auditing, but we can also give you recommendations on how to improve products for manufacture and high-volume deployment.

Compliance and Risk services

We have a long track record of compliance and risk in product development, and working with clients to ensure their connected products are robust, secure and safe.

Protect your business and meet legal requirements

Independent validation

  • Assess applicable standards and regulations
  • Test compliance to standards
  • Parametric measurements (power, radio, EMC, LVD)
minimum viable product

Check supplier claims and assess their testing

Supplier audit

  • Verification of supplier claims
  • Evaluation of supplier testing methods
  • Supplier testing comparison / reviews
  • Supplier selection and assessment
supplier audit

Standards compliance impact assessment

Hardware/Software changes

  • Compliance impact assessment – changes to software
  • Continuous risk assessment
  • Radio & low power
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi standards
hardware software changes

Ensure you meet regulatory requirements

Regulatory standards

  • CE marking, FCC & global compliance
  • Radio Equipment Directive (RED)
  • R&TTE Directive
  • LVD & Safety Directive
  • EMC Directive
  • Eco Directive
  • RoHS & REACH
  • CHAdeMO
Compliance & Risk

Consult Red are experts in smart product design and development

Some of the world’s biggest brands trust our team’s capabilities


  • Hardware design experts
  • Video and embedded vision
  • Connectivity (wired, wireless, GSM, LPWA)
  • Power management and low power devices

Embedded software

Cloud platforms

  • Cloud solution architects
  • Architecture, data/video streaming, serverless, microservices
  • AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
  • AI and machine learning