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Consultancy, Innovation and Engineering Services

RDK is an open-source software platform that standardizes core functions used in video, broadband, and IoT-intelligent devices

We have full stack knowledge and take a leading role in helping to define new features and technologies, providing consultancy and services to communication service providers and media operators.


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The Operator Smart TV: taking a new category of CPE to market

What is RDK?

RDK is an open source software platform that standardizes core functions used in video, broadband, and IoT intelligent devices. By standardizing these functions, service providers can develop and deploy applications and services, across various hardware platforms.

RDK is deployed on 100 million devices globally and across dozens of leading service providers throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia.

The RDK community includes more than 600 technology companies spanning leading SoC companies, CE manufacturers, software developers, system integrators, and service providers.

Amino and Consult Red collaborate to watch TV set top box with RDK

We work with all stakeholders in the RDK ecosystem through the entire product development journey:

Silicon vendors

We’ve worked closely with several silicon vendors to help them deliver RDK compliant drivers and maintain compliance as requirements evolve.


We help OEMs integrate RDK on to their devices and have worked with Skyworth on the first Amlogic RDK video accelerator. We also work with technology providers to pre-integrate their technology with the platform.


One of the great benefits of RDK is the choice it gives operators – every operator is different, and one size doesn’t fit all. We work with operators to help assess and understand the open-source platform. We undertake customization, network integration, and we’ve helped operators launch products all across Europe.

We've built one of the largest RDK teams in Europe and work with operators, silicon vendors & OEMs throughout the development journey. We are continually looking to push the boundaries and are proud of our contributions to world-beating products.

Stuart Griffin, CEO Consult Red

Understanding RDK Profiles

What is RDK-V?

RDK-V (RDK-video) is a highly customizable software platform for powering video streaming devices, such as set-top boxes and smart TVs. Its open-source architecture enables fast and cost-effective development, while its modular design allows for flexibility and scalability. With RDK-V, service providers and manufacturers can deliver a seamless, personalized, and feature-rich video experience to their customers.

More control for growth

To retain subscribers, and attract new ones, the flexibility of your offer is vital. Lack of flexibility can be an issue when locked into contracts with middleware providers. RDK-V provides the potential for you to gain back some control with a royalty-free solution, enabling you to take control over of all aspects of the user experience. While leveraging the continuous investment from an active ecosystem that includes some of the largest operators in the world. This means you can improve the quality of your offering, creating subscriber loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Helping you innovate

If you’re looking for an alternative to proprietary middleware solutions, Consult Red is here to help. We bring over two decades of experience in media, working for some of the biggest names in Pay TV. As one of Europe’s largest development teams, we support our clients all the way from initial planning to implementation. Giving you the unique opportunity to innovate and differentiate your offering at the application and services layer.

Cost-effective solutions

We ensure unique solutions delivered on time and within budget, with sustainable cost savings in the future where you are free from royalty fees. From the start, we offer a feasibility study and coordinate all partners and third parties, fully managing the process from design and development to deployment.

What is RDK-B?

RDK-B (RDK-broadband) is a versatile and scalable software platform for broadband devices, including routers, gateways, and access points. Its open-source framework allows for quick and cost-effective customization, enabling service providers and equipment manufacturers to deliver high-quality and reliable internet connectivity to their customers. With RDK-B, users can enjoy fast speeds, robust security, and seamless device management.

More control for growth

The home gateway occupies a unique place in the home and with the growth in edge technologies it is poised to offer consumers a range of exciting new services. But to capitalise on this technology operators need an edge ready solution that they can control. Vendor lock-ins and lifelong contracts can stand in the way of innovation. RDK-B allows you to undertake the development and delivery of your own broadband router, with management of everything from the network interface to the backend. RDK-B supports DOCSIS, GPON, EPON, xDSL in a single stack. This means you can tailor the offering to your subscribers, delighting the customer and boosting revenue streams.

As one of the leading RDK-B solutions providers, we have the experience and expertise to develop unique solutions that put you in the driving seat.

Royalty-free solutions

We have capabilities to take you through every stage, from planning and design to implementation and delivery of RDK-B projects. You’ll have control of the entire process and will direct every aspect of the software delivery. With a royalty-free broadband network, you’ll also have better control over costs, and you can focus on driving quality and performance for the end-user.

If you’re looking for an alternative to proprietary communications equipment solutions, get in touch with Consult Red today to discuss your vision.

Our RDK Team

Through our work, we consistently contribute to the RDK and lead some of the key technology initiatives.

One of Europe’s largest RDK development teams

One of Europe’s largest development teams

Full stack RDK knowledge and experience

Full stack knowledge and experience

Experienced integrator for RDK global operator

Experienced integrator for global operators

Video accelerator porting RDK specialist

Video accelerator porting specialists

Dedicated architecture team, product design and development

Dedicated architecture team

Experienced RDK engineering team

Experienced engineering team

Downloadable, application, containers, experts, rdk

Downloadable Application Containers experts

Integration and certification of premium OTT applications, RDK

Integration and certification of premium OTT applications

Consult Red has helped us on the journey to delivered product based on RDK. They have Accelerated our accelerator by providing not just skills but experience that spans silicon to application; IP and broadcast.

Chris Briggs, CTO, Skyworth

RDK services and support through the entire development journey

We’ll work with you every step of the on your journey, managing risk and helping you get to market, faster.

  • RDK Project consultancy

    RDK Project consultancy

    • Initial Feasibility study
    • Architect solution in co-operation with the customer’s team
    • Rapid Prototyping and POC capability
    • System Integration and Vendor Management
    • Project Planning & Management
    • Development and Customization
  • Development Ops

    Development Ops

    With real-world build and integration experience and expertise in build and integration technologies, we work to streamline your project.

    • Establish code acceptance policies & delivery processes
    • Design & configure build systems (Yocto, Cmake, bitbake)
    • Design & configure continuous integration (Jenkins, Gerrit, etc)
    • Implement RDK upstreaming & downstreaming
    • Perform & Implement code acceptance


  • Development


    RDK will need customization to make it yours. We work with clients to do just this, with no IP or licence lock-ins – it’s all yours.

    • Hardening RDK to CA standards
    • CA/DRM integration,
    • Middleware customisation, Voice, G Streamer, Graphics
    • Bootloader & Software upgrade, 3rd party Application integration inc. Lighning;
    • App manager & Back office proxy
    • Telemetry, WebPA and TR-069 Configuration,
    • Maintenance screens Navigator, Guide,
    • Broadcast support/Subtitles/DVB-SI/Teletext
    • Integration of Youtube/Netflix/Prime/Disney+/etc… & Containerisation
  • Delivery


    • Functional Testing with help of TDK
    • Network Integration with content discover, recommendations, search and voice.
    • Augment TDK with operator-specific Testing
    • System Integration and Vendor Management
    • Certification testing including CA, Youtube, Netflix, Prime, Disney+, etc…
    • System Integration – Field testing support
    • Post-launch support, maintenance and upgrades
    • Triaging

If I could describe Consult Red in three words, they would be:​ Experts​, Thorough​, Flexible​

Olivier Philippe, VP, Liberty Global