World’s first RDK video accelerator with an Amlogic SoC

For Skyworth, the world’s largest Set Top Box (STB) manufacturer


  • Skyworth wanted a flexible engagement model – they had considerable resources that they could bring to bear but needed a partner who could work with them and utilise their team where appropriate.​
  • The aim of the project was to help Skyworth develop the world’s first RDK Video Accelerator using the Amlogic S905X2 SoC. ​
  • Shortly after this project started, this platform was selected by a major operator and consequently the scope of the work was expanded to support the development of this platform through to a full product.

We needed a strong partner that could take us from no experience with RDK through to Proof of Concept with RDK and ultimately to deployment of a Video Accelerator. We also wanted knowledge transfer – we have a very experienced team at Skyworth and Consult Red did a great job in collaborating with the team to ensure it was a truly joint development. I think as an extended team we’re a formidable option for operators looking to move fast with RDK.

Chris Briggs, CTO Skyworth


  • To successfully deliver RDK projects you must be able to work efficiently with multiple stakeholders. In this case, there were parties from Skyworth, Amlogic, RDK-M, and other technology providers.​
  • Our experience, collaborative approach and strong communications helped ensure effective project delivery across all the stakeholders and facilitated knowledge transfer to Skyworth.

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