Consult Red joins the RDK Technical Advisory Board (RTAB)

Consult Red, an employee-owned tech R&D innovator, has cemented its market position as a leader in the RDK open-source software platform, by joining the RDK Technical Advisory Board (RTAB).

RDK is an open-source software platform that standardizes core functions used in video, broadband, and IoT-connected devices. By standardizing these functions, service providers can develop and deploy applications and services, independent of hardware platforms. RDK enables service providers to control their device diagnostics data, business models, and apps to improve the customer experience and drive business results.

Consult Red’s relationship with RDK spans over a decade since its early adoption in 2012. Since then, Consult Red has built one of Europe’s largest RDK R&D teams. Consult Red also chairs the RDK Downloadable Application Containerisation (DAC) Special Interest Group (SIG).

In its work with leading Pay-TV, media and OTT (over-the-top) brands, Consult Red contributes to the RDK platform, leads key RDK technology initiatives and helps operators deploy RDK and launch RDK-based applications.

Raghu Venkatesam, Consult Red CEO, said:

“We are thrilled to join the RDK Technical Advisory Board. It means we can continue to play a leading role in developing a platform for Video, Broadband and Cameras that benefits a global community of operators, silicon vendors, OEMs, application developers and system integrators.

As an early adopter, Consult Red spotted the potential of RDK to transform the way the industry works; make it more efficient, get products to market faster and reduce costs. A decade later, all of that has proven to be true. We’re constantly looking to innovate and are proud of our contributions to RDK and the world-leading products and user experiences built on RDK technology.”

Jason Briggs, President and General Manager of RDK, said:

“We’re delighted to welcome Consult Red onto the RDK Technology Advisory Board. Throughout our long relationship, they have played a proactive role in supporting the RDK platform. As a member of RTAB, the Consult Red team can continue to bring their expertise across RDK profiles – video (RDK-V), broadband (RDK-B), and camera (RDK-C). Their contributions will continue to help operators and the wider RDK community develop smart, immersive and engaging products for their customers.”

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The RDK community is comprised of more than 500 companies including CPE manufacturers, SoC vendors, software developers, system integrators, and service providers. Globally, the number of RDK devices deployed is now more than 80 million, and dozens of service providers across North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia are in various stages of evaluation, testing, trials, or deployment. RDK software is available at no cost to RDK licensees, and RDK community member companies can contribute software changes and enhancements back to the community. Additional information about RDK is available at