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The Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses an enormous number of intelligent devices that collect and share data. The associated business potential is huge. But the successful design and development of products can be complex and the risk of failure is high.

IoT Security

IoT Secure by Design

Learn more about the considerations for IoT devices to comply with the UK’s Secure by Design (SbD) principles.

Scaling IoT

Taking IoT to mass market

Learn how to get your IoT product to scale profitably while reducing commercial and technical risks.

Stream Processing

Tools and cloud providers

Learn about the characteristics of stream processing solutions and key capabilities that the technologies need to provide.

Experts in smart product design and development

Trusted IoT partner, quality engineering

  • We are a trusted partner to some of the world’s leading brands including Comcast, Sky, Liberty Global and Software AG
  • Our experienced engineering and delivery teams can tackle embedded software, hardware and cloud platform projects
  • We’ve developed technology that is in over 30 million homes worldwide
  • We have a team of more than 300, and growing
IoT product development partner

IoT enables business transformation

IoT and Digital transformation

IoT equips objects with sensors, processors, embedded software, and other technologies. These devices connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet or other communications networks.

Industries and companies are seeking more value from their own collected data. Others are developing new business models and services based on IoT data analysis.

From applications like predictive industrial maintenance, to just-in-time product restocking, connecting ‘product on the shelf ‘to inventory and delivery – the successful adoption of technology will give you a competitive advantage.

IoT development challenges

Flexibility brings complexity

The Internet of Things does not prescribe which devices are connected, how they communicate, or even their purpose. It can enable revolutionary new ways of implementing intelligent systems but does not define the ‘one best way’ to do so. There will be challenges along the way…

The IoT technology landscape

There is a bewildering array of components and products employed for IoT applications, ranging from edge devices to cloud computing. Are you making the right component and vendor selections for your project to ensure long term success?

The IoT development lifecycle

All IoT projects should follow a multi-disciplined methodology to ensure successful development, that delivers real business value. Do you have the internal resources and expertise to plan and execute?

Risks involved with securing IoT devices

Security is one of the most significant factors holding back the deployment and adoption of IoT. To successfully develop and launch secure devices to market, you’ll need to weave security into your requirements, design and operation. Get it wrong, and you can undermine trust in your brand for years to come.

Faced with all of these challenges, you may be asking yourself…

  • Are my competitors ahead of me in adopting digitalisation?
  • Is my business case solid?
  • Do I have the required expertise to get my product to delivery?
  • Am I choosing a component that might soon be superseded by new technology, or result in vendor lock-in?
  • How can I be sure my product will be secure?
IoT End to End - Chip to Coud and Product Lifecycle

Don’t do it alone

Partners for IoT projects

At Consult Red, we understand the challenges and complexity of designing and developing IoT products.

  • Appropriate technologies and proportionate solutions
  • Practical lifecycle experience – a methodical and trusted approach
  • Making products smart – where required, appropriate and effective
  • Truly independent – we are technology and vendor agnostic
  • Experienced, highly competent engineering

We can partner seamlessly with your team or completely manage your project, bringing quality engineering and trusted delivery expertise to ensure your success.

Flexible engagements

IoT consultancy and support when needed

Maybe you have a great idea but are not sure where to start. We can engage with you on an end-to-end project, from ideation to delivery and maintenance. Consulting with you early in the project, we can help you test and develop your strategy and business case.

Alternatively, your project may already be well underway, but you’ve hit an issue and need some help. We can work with you to tackle specific ad-hoc issues and ensure you get the project back on track.

Either way, we can partner with you to:

  • De-risk your product development
  • Get to market quicker, easier and cheaper
  • Ensure absolute confidence in product security
  • Launch successfully and then scale profitably
RDK software

Consult Red are experts in smart product design and development

Some of the world’s biggest brands trust our team’s capabilities


  • Video and embedded vision
  • Connectivity (wired, wireless, GSM, LPWA)
  • Power management and low power devices

Embedded software

  • Constrained devices
  • No OS, Tiny OS, Linux
  • Security

Cloud platforms

  • Architecture, data/video streaming, serverless, microservices
  • AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
  • AI and machine learning