Low cost wireless gateway bridge for connected home sensors

For: Connected home safety product manufacturer

The issue:

A manufacturer of home safety products wanted a bridge to connect a range of wireless home sensors to a common gateway that provided a back connection to an IP network. The devices utilised proprietary wireless connectivity to communicate with each other and the requirement was to bridge this communication to an IP connection that communicated back to a cloud platform.

What we did:

Utilising our knowledge of set-top box and router solutions in the home we developed an appropriate product definition and implemented both the hardware and software to achieve the required functionality. Bridging the proprietary wireless protocols to an IP connected solution in the cloud provided the required data connectivity.

Proof of concept

  • The definition of the hardware architecture.
  • Porting of Amazon’s FreeRTOS to a new NXP device
  • Integration with the existing software solution.
Smoke alarm

Designed for manufacture and scale, we delivered an end-to-end connected platform communicated through a low-cost gateway to the cloud.

Consult Red

How we did it:

By working closely with the customer and bringing our knowledge of hardware, software and radio communication development we integrated the specified components into a system. We ensured that the resultant system complied with the customer’s proprietary wireless standard and that the data communication met their requirements.

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