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AndApps is an advanced application delivery platform that opens access to the vast library of available Android applications, on RDK and Linux middleware-based devices.

Delight subscribers with access to casual/cloud gaming, the content they expect – including local catch-up and SVOD services, and social media applications – all delivered within your existing user experience, on your deployed CPE devices.


AndApps Whitepaper - Harnessing Android applications for RDK and Linux CPE

White Paper

Harnessing Android applications for RDK and Linux CPE

Access more applications

With a vast library of Android TV apps available, including gaming, ‘must-have’ SVOD and social media – engage and delight your subscribers with the widest range of applications. AndApps complements established RDK applications, including Premium Native and Lightning Application options, to deliver even more choice and flexibility.

You’re in control

AndApps allows you to retain full control of your subscriber experience and data. You decide which apps you make available, and on which devices, with the future option of monetisation via advertising and in-app purchases.

Lower investment, quicker to market

AndApps makes app onboarding a breeze, with no additional app development or maintenance overhead. Leverage market-available applications to reduce time to market and associated development costs. Also reducing the reliance on developers to port applications for your platform.

Flexibility, scalability, security

AndApps uses open source architecture which enables flexible development, future scalability and security you can trust. It is community maintained, field-proven and receives monthly security patches and regular bug fixes.


More Apps

Access one of the largest libraries of applications available, with many TV focused apps.

New Apps

Augment subscription content with casual gaming, social media, localised and premium VOD.

Seamless UX

Deliver APKs as tough they are native, with support for Picture in Picture and App switching.

Low Footprint

Optimised resource utilisation for constrained devices when compared to GTVS based solutions.

High Quality Video

Native playback of video content with hardware accelerated decode.

Secure Video

Mutliple DRMs supported (Widevine & Microsoft Playready) to secure your content.

Streamed Gaming

AAA gaming titles can be streamed directly from cloud gaming providers.

Hardware Accelerated

Deliver enhanced user experiences with graphics and audio acceleration.

Interface Options

Mutliple peripheral options (per OS support) including RCU, games controllers, camera and microphone.

Lifecycle Management

Managed app lifecycle including deployment and installation. Apps can be ring fenced to ensure stability.

*All features are dependent on HW specification/profile including available RAM/Flash.

AndApps Overview

  • AndApps Warehouse

    A global application repository managed and populated by application vendors and Consult Red. These applications are made available for operator distribution via AndApps Cloud.


    • Global origin repository of managed applications
    • Application submission/publication (including app updates) and metadata
    • Application testing, verification and status view
    • Multiple application types supported:
      • Local gaming
      • Streamed AAA gaming from online platforms
      • OTT video services
      • Streaming audio services
      • Social media


    *All features are dependent on HW specification/profile including available RAM/Flash.

  • AndApps Cloud

    Delivers operator-centric management of the platform and enabled devices, including application and runtime lifecycle management.


    • Automated runtime customisation for target hardware set-top box and intelligent TV device profiles
    • Initialise and manage device runtime updates
    • Secure application and artefact download management
    • Operator management interface and REST API
    • Device inventory and runtime/app status
    • Device group management and update targeting
    • Rollout/campaign management
    • Billing and payments
    • Analytics


    *All features are dependent on HW specification/profile including available RAM/Flash.

  • AndApps Runtime

    The component of the AndApps platform that is deployed on the set-top box or intelligent TV device. It is the enabling software for application lifecycle management and operation, optimised for your device hardware profile.


    • RDK and Linux middleware supported
    • Supports Android version 11
    • Performant UX integration for application start/pause/stop (including full-screen and picture-in-picture (PiP))
    • Upgradeable AOSP OS Runtime, including security updates and patches
    • Hardware video decode (HD, 4K, HDR) – including secure video decode
    • Hardware audio decode (2 channel, 5.1 channel)
    • Interface support including low-latency wireless gaming controllers and device remote control


    *All features are dependent on HW specification/profile including available RAM/Flash.

Professional Services

Comprehensive supporting services from Consult Red include consultancy, system integration, development and any required customisations. Once deployed, in-life services include app onboarding, maintenance, runtime updates, and QA, will ensure ongoing security and stable operation.

security assessment, secure architecture, remote management

Why Consult Red?

AndApps is an open, secure and flexible platform for application delivery and enables RDK or Linux middleware-based operators to deliver more apps, at greater speed, and at lower cost. It keeps you the operator firmly in control of your service delivery and your customer experience.

AndApps has been developed by Consult Red, a trusted partner to some of the largest global media operators including Liberty Global, Comcast, Sky and DIRECTV. We have 20 years of middleware experience, over 10 years’ RDK development experience and 5 years’ experience in field-proven application containerisation for video CPE devices.

Consult Red - Media and Connectivity

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