Harnessing Android applications for RDK and Linux CPE

Helping Pay TV and broadband service providers become the best super-aggregators in their markets by porting Android applications into RDK or Linux environments quickly and cost-effectively.

In this White Paper you will learn:

  • How to remove the ceiling on new entertainment apps that can be onboarded to an existing RDK/Linux set-top box or connected TV platform.
  • How to migrate from Android to RDK/Linux platforms without creating ‘apps-gaps’ that could trash net promoter scores overnight.
  • What an operator-controlled applications implementation and management platform – hosting and running AOSP-based applications – looks like.

Pay TV and broadband service providers need to ‘Aggregate More’ to guarantee their relevance to consumers during the rest of this decade – and as a way to seek new revenue opportunities.

AndApps means more premium entertainment applications can be added quickly and cost-effectively to existing RDK/ Linux environments. AndApps drastically lowers the barriers to app diversification. It removes barriers to OS migration if that is a consideration for a service provider. It levels the app playing field between Android platforms and RDK or Linux-based platforms. AndApps is a significant contribution to the toolkit for the future-facing Pay TV and broadband service provider.

Discover our AndApps White Paper

AndApps Whitepaper - Harnessing Android applications for RDK and Linux CPE (Inner Pages)