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Smart router white paper

Smart Router // White Paper

We can speculate whether smart Wi-Fi, security, VPNs, smart home, rapid updates or pre-emptive diagnostics will be the next big opportunity.

But what’s not in doubt is that an agile device is a must-have if operators are going to rapidly exploit that opportunity and future-proof their strategy.

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Streaming processing: an overview of tools and cloud providers

Streaming Processing // Technical Paper

The value of the stream processing market is set to rise from $12.5 billion in 2020 to $38.6 billion by 2025. It is a must-have for any organisation that needs big data systems with near real-time analysis and decision-making capabilities.

But what is it all about? What benefits can you gain, and which technologies should you consider?

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Careers at Red

We share a love of technology, and a strong desire to do something different. Established in 2003, we’re a team that’s grown year-on-year to over 300 strong.

We work with clients to take an idea from concept through to complete product development – in short, we make their products ‘smart’ and turn their ambition into a reality.