A connected e-cigarette device

For a leading vaping product supplier


  • Consult Red were engaged to turn an existing e-cigarette product into a secure and reliable connected device.
  • Engaged by the customer who wanted to turn their existing e-cigarette product into a connected device, adding secure data collection and giving their customers access to real-time usage data via their mobile phones.​
  • We set out to scope, design and develop the components necessary to add all this functionality to their product so that it was connected, secure and scalable for production.
Woman sat at a table, looking at her phone


  • The sensing technology we integrated into the product design and hardware meant that the client was able to collect important data and insight that they could then pass on to their customers. ​
  • It also meant they could monitor performance and prevent any potential issues from becoming bigger problems.​
  • Our experience in designing and developing connected devices and systems meant that we could anticipate potential pitfalls, and help the client navigate each stage of the product development journey.​

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