From fire-and-forget to an end-to-end managed secure solution

A recent Comcast report said ‘consumers vastly underestimate how often home networks are targeted by cyber threats’, and that the average household is hit with 104 threats every month. Vulnerable devices include laptops, computers, smartphones and tablets, networked cameras and storage devices, and streaming video devices.

If you’re trying to develop and launch compliant, secure, trustworthy, smart devices to market, you’ll need to weave security into; your requirements, your approach to design and your operation. The critical question is, HOW?

Get it wrong, and you can undermine trust in your brand for years to come. Then there’s the ‘Secure by Design’ (SbD) Government code of practice; the UK is planning to be the first country to enshrine it in law, with other countries set to follow.

Consult Red has a proven track record delivering secure, connected devices to market at scale; digital media powered by our technology is currently used in more than 30m homes globally.