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Security is one of the most significant factors holding back deployment and adoption of IoT, and one of the most complex. As an end-to-end IoT product development company, we can help you design, develop, deploy and scale secure, trusted smart products, reducing your risk and helping you get to market faster.

From fire-and-forget to an end-to-end managed secure solution

A recent Comcast report said ‘consumers vastly underestimate how often home networks are targeted by cyber threats’, and that the average household is hit with 104 threats every month. Vulnerable devices include laptops, computers, smartphones and tablets, networked cameras and storage devices, and streaming video devices.

If you’re trying to develop and launch compliant, secure, trustworthy, smart devices to market, you’ll need to weave security into; your requirements, your approach to design and your operation. The critical question is, HOW?

Get it wrong, and you can undermine trust in your brand for years to come. Then there’s the ‘Secure by Design’ (SbD) Government code of practice; the UK is planning to be the first country to enshrine it in law, with other countries set to follow.

Consult Red has a proven track record delivering secure, connected devices to market at scale; digital media powered by our technology is currently used in more than 30m homes globally.

Through the entire Internet of Things product development journey, from concept to scale and total lifecycle management, you’ll need to make big decisions to ensure compliance with IoT Secure by Design principles (that will soon be regulation).

Decisions such as:

  • How do I achieve chip-to-cloud security?
  • How do I choose an OS, and what does that mean for my IoT security?
  • How does Buy vs Make affect my vulnerability?

We’ll help you navigate these big decisions and more, reducing your risk and helping you get your secure IoT smart product to market faster.

Quick guide

Product development: Future-proof your security

Achieve chip-to-cloud security and comply with all 13 Secure by Design principles through every stage of the product development journey, including manufacture overseas and operation in the field.

Quick Guide: Product development: Future-proof your security


Is it secure? Your IoT security checklist

Looking to design, develop or deploy a secure IoT product? Our Secure by Design checklist will help you ensure you’ve covered all the internet of things security bases.

IoT Security Checklist


Will your new IoT device break your business?

In partnership with IoT Now and Transforma Insights, we share insight on IoT security and how to design, develop,  deploy and scale a trustworthy IoT product to market.

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Common security mistakes when developing an IoT device

Secure by Design is being brought into UK law – where’s four costly security mistakes we’ve witnessed when developing an IoT device and how you can avoid them.

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Our Capabilities

If you’re trying to develop and launch compliant, secure, trustworthy, smart devices to market, you’ll need a trusted partner:


Architecture and implementation

Our experienced solution architects can help you navigate common pitfalls to manage risk and get to market faster.

Scaling IoT

Taking IoT to mass market

Learn how to get your IoT product to scale profitably while reducing commercial and technical risks.

Embedded Systems

15+ years' experience

We have a proven track record in embedded hardware design, software development and systems integration.

Why Work with Red?

We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading media operators and communication service providers, delivering secure connected systems.

Trusted innovation partner

We’ve established our reputation by building strong, long-term relationships with providers in the Pay TV, media and OTT industry, helping them become leaders in their field.

End-to-end development

From research and strategy to development, compliance, scale and production, we’ve helped clients to avoid pitfalls and get to market without delay.

Making products ‘SMART’

We’ve accumulated cutting-edge experience in software and hardware design, including embedded and cloud solutions, to deliver connected devices and systems.