The Operator Smart TV: taking a new category of CPE to market

How a Pay TV service provider runs its operator application on a television without the need for a set-top box, while ensuring the Pay TV service is the default and ‘Sovereign’ experience for consumers.

In this White Paper you will learn:

  • The two main implementation models that support a true virtual STB experience, whether on custom-build Operator Smart TVs or Operator Smart TVs that are ‘adopted’ from an OEM.
  • How an Operator Smart TV ensures that the Pay TV service is the primary UX and aggregation point, and how this ‘Sovereign App’ implementation differs from an ‘app-among-apps’ paradigm.
  • The multiple OEM partnership and go-to-market strategies that can be used to get Operator Smart TVs into consumer homes, and the business considerations for each approach.
  • How an Operator Smart TV is engineered, including the OS choices, operator application integration, and back-office management.
  • What you can do with an Operator Smart TV that you cannot achieve with a set-top box.
  • Why the Operator Smart TV represents a new chapter in the Pay TV story.

The Operator Smart TV is a powerful and bold innovation, but its basic principle is familiar – ensuring the Pay TV operator is the Sovereign App so that it can remain the primary aggregator at all times, only now without a set-top box to run that Sovereign App.

“The Operator Smart TV represents a new chapter in the Pay TV story and goes hand-in-hand with the future of aggregation and super aggregation of both content and value-added services.”

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