Rahul Mehra

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Rahul is responsible for defining the company’s technical strategy.

Rahul Mehra, Chief Technology Officer, Consult Red Red Slashes


Rahul is a proven technologist with a track record of taking leading edge technologies from inception to market. Notable highlights during his 25-year career include the launch of Sky’s first digital platform and the inception of digital Personal Video Recorder.

Rahul is a founder and CTO of Consult Red where his notable achievements include helping launch DirecTV’s first high-definition STBs (2005), creating and building the Sky Q middleware team (2002), launching Sky Q in Germany and Italy, and creating the PoC that became Sky Glass (2019).

Now Rahul and his team of Solution Architects advise clients on numerous aspects of technological development. Rahul holds 5 patents, has an M.Sc. in Computer Engineering and studied for a PhD in Chip Design from Manchester University.

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