Telematics | Design, integration & connectivity

If you’re looking to integrate telematics into your existing fleet, asset and logistics operations and systems, we can help.
We’ll customize, design, develop and deploy a scalable, secure data processing platform so you can realise the value of your data through insight and operational efficiencies.

Custom Integration

Integrate telematics with legacy systems to unleash the potential of telematics

To deliver on its potential, telematics needs to seamlessly integrate with existing systems and operations. But how to do this presents a dilemma: wholesale system change or custom integration
Custom integration lessens risk and allows existing systems to be embellished with the relevant data, but, integrating with existing systems brings its own challenges.

Our expert Telematics team has a track record of integrating complex and fragmented legacy systems and can help your business unlock the transformative potential of Telematics.

Telematics Architecture

Cloud architecture and implementation including data analysis and visualisation

To deliver the features you need and integrate telematics, the right architecture is essential. We can develop an integrated resilient, secure telematics system that brings together batch and real-time data and supports flexible analysis of your data.
As an independent technology partner, we are platform agnostic seeking only the right solution for you with a clear view of total cost of ownership.
We’ll help you manage the inevitable trade-offs when architecting your solution. We can help with factors such as device/TCU management, including upgrades and on/off boarding, as well as delivering a data path that provides the data visualisation and analytics you need.

Our experienced solution architects can design your telematics system and help you navigate common pitfalls to manage risk and get to market faster.

Edge and Connectivity

Leverage the latest in edge technology design and development

We understand how to deliver the great customer experience you are looking for and can deal with issues such as data security and communication speed, to provide the latest Edge technology for your device.
As embedded experts we have been designing, developing and deploying edge devices at scale for over a decade including custom integration of TCUs.  We have extensive experience of balancing competing requirements driven by factors such as power consumption, data rates or harsh environments.

We’ve developed robust devices for outdoor use with low power or even solar powered requirements, and worked with a wide range of connectivity technologies including GSM, NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRa, SigFox, ZigBee, WiFi, NF, Bluetooth as well as various sensing and GNSS technologies.

Our Capabilities

As a tried and trusted technology innovation partner, we’ve developed smart, secure technology that’s in over 30 million homes worldwide, we can help manage your risk and get you to market faster.


Experienced in architecture & implementation

Our experienced solution architects can design your telematics system and help you navigate common pitfalls to manage risk and get to market faster.

IoT Secure by design

Developing secure IoT products

We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading Pay-TV and media operators, delivering secure connected systems in the home with security at heart to protect both their customers and their valuable content.

Embedded Systems

End-to-end bespoke service

We have a proven track record in embedded hardware design, software development and systems integration working with some of the world’s largest companies.

Why Work with Red?

We are a technology development partner that helps clients take IoT devices from concept to mass production. We have expertise spanning the complete chip to cloud system that includes a deep understanding of security, compliance, device management, analytics and the user interface. We support these technologies in the cloud, on the device or as end-user applications.

Trusted innovation partner

Trusted by some of the world’s largest brands to support integrations and interoperability during platform development


Domain experts in telematics, we can develop a proof of concept based on decades of experience

Hardware and software capabilities

Embedded hardware and software capabilities at the edge

Multi-skilled team

Agile, multi-skilled team that can seamlessly integrate with your team and systems

Experienced project team

Experienced project team that can integrate software and hardware strands into a cohesive delivery structure


Our thoughts, ideas and views as well as in-depth technical papers. Explore our insights, get to market faster and make your digital ambitions a reality.

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Our capabilities

Secure by Design

Security is one of the most significant factors holding back deployment and adoption of IoT, and one of the most complex. As an end-to-end IoT product development company, we can help you design, develop, deploy and scale secure, trusted smart products, reducing your risk and helping you get to market faster.