Our Recruitment Process

We believe in moving fast and keeping things simple. Read on to learn what to expect once you’ve submitted your application for a role at Consult Red.

Once you submit your CV, your application will go directly to the Hiring Team for review. We’ll always try to come back to you within a few days.

We’ll usually do a first stage interview via Teams. If that goes well, we’ll want to set up a longer conversation to find out more. Where possible, we’ll do a face-to-face interview in our offices, so that you can get a better feel for the company and your team. However, we have adapted our business to be completely flexible. This means that we may do some, or all, of the interview process virtually.

We want you to leave us with a clear understanding of the role and a sense of what it’s like to work with us, so we’re happy to spend some quality time to answer all of your questions.

CV Guidance

We prefer to read CVs that are:

  • The right length. A single page is probably too short to tell us about your skills and experience. Two or three pages is ideal. For most people, more than four pages is too long.
  • Well written. Most of our roles have a customer-facing element, so your written style including spelling and grammar will be considered when reviewing your CV.
  • Well formatted. We suggest you use PDF format so that your CV will remain laid out exactly as you intended. If you are applying for a role in the UK or Poland you should format your CV for A4 size paper; if you are applying for a role in the US then A4 or US Letter is OK.

Your CV should:

  • Tell us about your skills and experience. We want to know about your individual responsibilities and achievements, rather than what your team did.
  • Show dates (month and year) for roles in your career history. We understand that people sometimes have career breaks and we prefer it if you explain any significant gaps in your work history.
  • Make it clear to us why you want the role you are applying for. This is particularly important if the role here would be considerably different from your current job, or if you are currently in a contract position and applying for a permanent position or vice versa. Feel free to elaborate on this in the covering message part of your application.

We prefer to read about your skills in the context of your work experience, for example, “Developing a multi-threaded C++ application to control the Widget 2.0 hardware, along with cppunit tests” tells us more than “Developing an application to control hardware”.

For roles based in the UK, please do not include photographs, your date of birth, gender, or marital status on your CV.

It is helpful if either your CV or covering note on the website submission form tells us when you would be available to start work here (or your notice period).

Don’t take our word for it

We’re proud to be a great place to work and are grateful for the positive feedback from our Consult Red team.

Does this sound like where you want to take your career next?

We hope you like what you’ve learned about us already. Let us know if you have any questions, or begin your journey with us and find a role at Consult Red.