Employee Ownership

We have proudly been employee-owned since May 2021. This means our people are involved and invested in the ongoing success of Consult Red.

Employee ownership is a win-win for both Consult Red and our people

Everyone has a stake, and everyone has a say.

We work together with shared values and purpose towards our common goals. Our team members feel empowered, have a say in our future, and share in our success.

Quick facts

  • Consult Red chose employee ownership to help ensure long-term stability, security and success.
  • Statistically, employee-owned businesses achieve more growth and can be more profitable. They are resilient, agile and able to better weather economic challenges
  • Consult Red sits among many well-known employee-owned brands including John Lewis, Richer Sounds, Thales and Unipart. The Employee Ownership Association (EOA) says many more are preparing to follow suit.
  • At the beginning of our employee ownership journey, 100% of the issued shares were owned for the benefit of the employees.
    • Over time new share options may be issued.
    • Unless otherwise approved by the trust the number of options issued will never exceed 35% and can never exceed 50%.

How it works

Our Employee Committee works with the Employee-Ownership Trust, Executive Management Team, and our Board of Directors to determine what Consult Red stands for and where it will go next.

Employee Ownership Trust - Overview

What it means for our people

  • Working for a company whose mission is to benefit them
  • A share in the success of the company – including an Employee Ownership bonus
  • An ongoing say on the aims and structure of the company – we continue to build the company together
  • Greater stability and long-term security than other forms of company ownership

Don’t take our word for it

We’re proud to be a great place to work and are grateful for the positive feedback from our Consult Red team.

Does this sound like where you want to take your career next?

We hope you like what you’ve learned about us already. Let us know if you have any questions, or begin your journey with us and find a role at Consult Red.