Katowice, Poland

Consult Red PL
Katowice Business Park, 5th floor, Chorzowska 150 str.
Katowice 40-101, Poland

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Katowice overview

Our office is located near to Silesia city centre – a busy shopping centre with department stores, boutiques, restaurants and health and beauty outlets.

  • In the center of the Silesian metropolitan area that since 2017 includes 41 local cities
  • Even distant places, located up to 50 km away, have convenient road and public transport connections with Katowice
  • Katowice airport (KTW) – just over 30km away

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Flexibility to suit you

Work is important, but so are family, friends and life outside of work. Flexibility benefits us all and we aim to provide our team with flexible working arrangements to juggle everything life has to offer.

Depending on the role, team members can choose to work from an office, fully remote, or a mix of the two.

  • Fully office based
  • Remote working
  • Hybrid working
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Living and working near Katowice

Our metropolitan area is inhabited by over 2 million people, the largest in Poland.

  • In the 1970s and 80s, Katowice had no need for street lamps. The urban landscape was decorated with neon signs which made it the brightest city in Poland, and the whole of Europe, according to many who remember those times. Many visitors applauded the famous “city of neon signs”
  • The Valley of Three Ponds on the outskirts of Katowice is a peaceful spot for exercise or find a quiet spot to relax for a while
  • The Wilson Shaft Gallery, formerly a mine, is now the largest private gallery in Poland
  • Historically, there were more than 50 coal mines in Katowice – most now redeveloped, including the Silesian Museum as part of the  Culture Zone
  • Our Spodek Arena is a familiar landmark of the city panorama

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Katowice, Poland

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