Embedded Systems Development

We are an experienced embedded systems development company with a proven track record in embedded hardware design, embedded software development and embedded systems integration working with some of the world’s largest companies.

As an established embedded consultancy, we provide an end-to-end bespoke service, and over the last 15 years have worked alongside clients on the development journey from initial idea all the way through to a market-ready product.

Our team of over 200 developers are experts in:

Embedded Software Development

We’ve developed software for a wide range of embedded devices, including TV, Set Top Boxes (STB), Gateway and IoT devices…

Embedded RTOS

The main choice of operating system for an embedded system is between a real time operating system (RTOS) and embedded Linux. The growth in IoT is driving RTOS development…

Embedded Linux

Linux is a powerful and configurable open-source operating system. Its extensive networking, hardware and user interface support mean that it’s been ported to more computer…


The Android operating system is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software. It enhances SELinux with an extremely comprehensive user…

Exploiting opportunities in IoT: embedded systems solutions

The demand for embedded systems is huge – and will only grow as the IoT revolution accelerates. But the challenges in bringing increasingly complex embedded system products to market can be daunting.

Innovations in technology, like multi-core processors and Machine Learning (ML) at the Edge, bring new and exciting possibilities. With our deep understanding of hardware, software and operating system technologies – and how they integrate and complement each other – we’ll help you exploit the potential.
Our track record, working with some of the world’s largest companies, gives us unparalleled insight; we can find a solution for your unique requirement that’s both innovative and achievable. And because we’ve done this hundreds of times we’ll help you manage the risks and get to market, faster.

Embedded Security

Security is often the number one challenge when bringing an IoT device to market. No one wants the loss of consumer confidence, brand damage and financial liabilities arising from personal data breaches or service failures. Secure by design is our guiding principle. We think about security right from the start, embed it in the design, build in the best features for the product and test extensively.

When we’ve agreed the right strategy for your requirements, we build a team of highly skilled practitioners to work with you. We have experts to design the system architecture, choose the best platform and tools, and build and integrate the hardware and software components. Our team becomes an extension of your team to deliver the product you want.

At Consult Red we have the knowledge to choose the right technologies for your embedded system, the skills to develop the product and the experience to work with you to make it a success.

Security by Design

Future-proof your next IoT product and download our Secure by Design infographic and checklist with the questions you need to be asking throughout the total product development and life cycle.


Our thoughts, ideas and views as well as in-depth technical papers. Explore our insights, get to market faster and make your digital ambitions a reality.

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