Smart Router

The broadband router is poised to become the heart of the smart home. Key open source players, RDK and prpl are accelerating development of its fixed-function into an agile platform to exploit the intelligent edge. With deep expertise in embedded systems and containerised technologies, we are ideally placed to take you through every stage of your project, from planning and design to implementation and delivery.

Smart Router Benefits

The pandemic has amplified the demand for smart appliances for security, climate control, lighting and health alongside smart TVs. Connectivity is likely to become so pervasive to the extent of being embedded in every household device in the coming years.

The router’s unique place in the home network means it can save power, protect privacy, provide autonomy, absorb gateway boxes and much more. These benefits are a springboard for new services and operational savings and can only be realised by creating an innovation environment and ecosystem at the network edge that enhances value for the operator.  

The broadband router is established as a secure managed edge of network device. Transforming it from fixed function terminal into a smart router has the potential to deliver significant competitive advantage for operators seeking agility, innovation and security. 



  • Agility:  Future proof and build versatility into your business model.  
  • Innovation: Unlock a wealth of value from emerging technologies at the network edge   
  • Secure: Add a myriad of features to enhance services or deliver new functionality with everything locked inside its container  

The beauty is that the same technical solution –  Smart Router – can be the platform to serve all those needs.  


How we can help with Smart Router

We have extensive experience in embedded devices. Working closely with Sky, Comcast, Liberty Global and others to add production quality support for standards compliant containers technology into the RDK-V open-source project. Our CTO Rahul Mehra chairs the RDK special interest group for DACs. Deployed in over 10M devices – it is used to deploy applications and facilitate incremental upgrades to service components in a modular manner. We have also added DACs capability to the RDK-B router stack.  


Smart Router: The gateway to next-gen services

Whether you’re defending market share or looking for new revenue streams, developing an intelligent, agile platform is a must-have to unlock a new wave of services.

container technology enables the innovation of the home router to a smart router, argues consult red


Broadband Router: Gateway to the intelligent edge

The intelligent edge is poised to propel media and the communications industry toward the next generation of connectivity and efficiency. The opportunities will be great and telcos and operators have the chance to gain.

Smart Router Containerisation


Why smart home is a smart play for operators

Covid-19 has had many side effects and one of them has been to rejuvenate the smart home. A market that was previously in decline is now revving up and operators have a springboard into its heart.

Smart Home

White Paper

Smart router: The gateway to next-gen services

Predicting the future may be folly but preparing for it is vital. With the growing consensus that the network edge is about to play a much bigger role in service delivery, operators need strategies now to prevent rivals from taking a lead and internet giants from locking them out of providing next-generation services.

Smart Router: The Gateway to Next-Gen Services White Paper Front Page

Our Capabilities

If you’re trying to develop and launch compliant, secure, trustworthy, smart devices to market, you’ll need a trusted partner:


We are Europe's largest RDK R&D team

We work with the world’s leading Operators, Silicon Vendors and OEMs through the entire product development journey from proof of concept to deployment.

Edge AI

We're embedded experts

Our experience of designing and developing edge devices for the home and other environments, can help you navigate the technology landscape from chip to cloud.

IoT Secure by design

Developing secure IoT products

We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading Pay-TV and media operators, delivering secure connected systems in the home with security at heart to protect both their customers and their valuable content.

Why Work with Red?

We are a technology development partner that helps clients take IoT devices from concept to mass production. We have expertise spanning the complete chip to cloud system that includes a deep understanding of security, compliance, device management, analytics and the user interface. We support these technologies in the cloud, on the device or as end-user applications.

Trusted innovation partner

Trusted innovation partner

We’ve established our reputation by building strong, long-term relationships with providers in the Pay TV, media and OTT industry, helping them become leaders in their field.

End-to-end development

End-to-end development

From research and strategy to development, compliance, scale and production, we’ve helped clients to avoid pitfalls and get to market without delay.

Making products ‘SMART’

Making products ‘SMART’

We’ve accumulated cutting-edge experience in software and hardware design, including embedded and cloud solutions, to deliver connected devices and systems.


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