We’re a technology consulting company helping clients deliver connected devices and systems, supporting them through the entire development journey.

Our Services

We apply our cutting-edge experience and talent in product development, hardware, embedded and cloud technology to help customers deliver connected devices and systems.

Research & Strategy

Good decisions need good insights. The technology landscape is vast, complex and changing at a bewildering pace. The business impact of technological change to markets, operations & costs, are often far reaching, unexpected and sometimes business defining.

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Design & Proof of Concept

We have been designing products for 15 years and our hardware and software designs are deployed in millions of homes. Our designs include multiple Set Top Boxes (STBs), medical devices, electric vehicle charging, IoT telemetry for product logistics and usage, environmental monitoring, ultra-small form factor Bluetooth devices and a wide range of other consumer and industrial applications.

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Development & MVP

We’re experienced software developers using the latest agile methods including, SCRUM, Kanban, SAFe and Test Driven Development (TDD). We take an iterative approach to product development.

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Compliance & Risk

From the very start of your connected product development journey, we’ll be looking to manage your risk and compliance; risks such as cyber security, data protection and privacy, as well as compliance to the myriad of regimes, certifications and standards across both hardware and software.

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Production & Scale

We know that one of the biggest challenges is scaling a product from proof of concept or MVP to mass market.

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Maintenance & Operation

So, you’ve successfully launched your product to market, but the hard work doesn’t stop there.

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Careers at Red

We share a love of technology, and a strong desire to do something different. Established in 2003, we’re a team that’s grown year-on-year to over 150 strong, and along the way accumulated cutting-edge experience and knowledge in connected devices and systems.

We work with clients to take an idea from concept through to complete product development – in short, we make their products ‘smart’ and turn their digital ambition into a reality.


Our thoughts, ideas and views as well as in-depth technical papers. Explore our insights, get to market faster and make your digital ambitions a reality.


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Case Studies

Low cost wireless gateway bridge for connected home sensors

Designed for manufacture and scale, we delivered an end-to-end connected platform communicated through a low-cost gateway to the cloud.  

Case Studies

Development of a video and health data platform

A health technology start-up wanted to bring video communication and health data collection for the NHS and social care system to help support keeping patients…