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Product development: Future-proof your security

Our quick guide is here to help you achieve chip-to-cloud security and comply with all 13 Secure by Design principles.


Security is one of the most significant factors holding back deployment and adoption of IoT, and one of the most complex. As an end-to-end IoT product development company, we can help you design, develop, deploy and scale secure, trusted smart products, reducing your risk and helping you get to market faster. Our quick guide sets out key stages you should go through when considering security in your internet of things device to comply with the UK’s Secure by Design (SbD) principles. ThUK Government is taking ‘decisive action’ on security; ‘advocating a robust and staged approach to enforcing these principles through regulation’ and ‘leading efforts to create international alignment on IoT security’. Achieve chip-to-cloud security and comply with all 13 Secure by Design principles through every stage of the product development journey, including manufacture overseas and operation in the field.  


Our quick guide works best used alongside our check list: 

Secure by Design
Secure by Design checklist