In conversation with Broadband TV News: Smart routers mean smart homes

Julian Clover, Editor of Broadband TV News, discusses how Smart routers are evolving to serve the smart home with Consult Red’s Stuart Griffin.

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Want to find out more? Download our white paper ‘Smart Router: The gateway to next-gen services’

In this white paper, we consider the role the broadband router plays in providing an agile platform for operators to exploit the intelligent edge.

The broadband router is a prize asset ubiquitous in the home and business network and, crucially, one which has the potential to offer serious competitive advantage for operators keen to stem churn and create new value-added services.  Whether you’re defending market share or looking for new revenue streams, developing an intelligent, agile platform is a must-have to unlock a new wave of services. Could the ‘smart’ router similarly unlock a wave of innovation leading to a slew of new services – this time with the network operator in charge?

You can also read Stuart’s latest article recently published in Broadband TV News ‘Why smart home is a smart play for operators’. Stuart explains how the smart router can unlock a raft of new value-added services placing operators at the heart of the smart home for decades to come.


About Consult Red

Consult Red have been instrumental in bringing containerization technology to embedded devices. Together with Sky, Comcast, Liberty Global, Consult Red has brought production-quality support for standards-compliant container technology into the RDK-V open-source project.

Consult Red’s CTO, Rahul Mehra, chairs RDK’s special interest group for Downloadable Application Containerisation (DACs) – a technology now deployed in over 10m devices as a modular approach to deploy services and facilitate service upgrades.