Deploying Unified RDK-B DOCSIS and xPON firmware

For a leading European broadband operator


  • Increasing complexity with multiple, ageing CPE variants – OEMs x SOCs.​
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by simplifying and standardizing firmware across OEMs.​
  • Low agility in meeting new feature demand from consumers, low ARPU.​
  • Improve Time to Market and Quality by deploying new features at scale.​
  • Long lead times for support increasing support costs, low consumer satisfaction.​
  • Improve stability and enhance ease of maintenance across the CPE fleet.
Mother and childing using smart device


  • Simplify management with unified feature scope, data models, & backend services.​
  • Build live monitoring of Telemetry markers for basic performance & support log gathering; stability KPIs across deployments catch issues quickly and enable quick analysis.​
  • Enable remote SSH for complex issue investigation.

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