Consult Red creates charitable fund and comes together for Ukraine

Employee Council takes charge of company’s donation and fund, coordinates on the ground

Employee-owned technology company, Consult Red, has made a substantial donation and created a fund to help the victims of war in Ukraine. Coordinated within the firm by its Employee Council, the company worked with colleagues Sergio Panseri, Volodymyr Geiko, Kateryna Badorna, Oksana Dynia and Egor Kotko to identify charity organisations that they thought would want help from the fund.

The team spoke to individuals, families and charities, finding that some had already resolved their immediate needs , but there were many others grateful of support. These are the charity organisations the Consult Red fund is already helping:

  • Come Back Alive – mostly provide electronic devices to Ukrainian soldiers
  • Plast – Ukrainian scout organization which is now helping Ukrainian soldiers and civilians
  • Fundacja Historia Vita – Polish charity organization. Needs fuel to deliver goods to Ukraine

Within Consult Red, the information was shared with everyone across the business so they could see the details, the progress and, if they wanted to, also make a personal donation.

Through the research, a small group of Ukraniuan team members were able to identify  what kind of support would most benefit each charity. This meant in some cases that the company arranged an immediate transfer of funds, simply because it’s quick and it’s what the charities asked for (and in the war each hour counts).

In other cases, the charities needed medical supplies that weren’t available locally.  The Consult Red team have used business and personal networks to locate these scarce resources and get them to Ukraine via one of our offices in Poland.

Consult Red CEO, Raghu Venkatesam, said:

“We are all watching the tragic and unnecessary war in Ukraine, and the devastating impact it is having on the people of Ukraine.

“Many people within the firm were already helping as much as they could, and we wanted to augment that with a fund to support the victims of the war in Ukraine. 

“Our Employee Ownership model enables us to take rapid and collective, employee-led action in response to local and global events. In this case the team led the coordination of funds to ensure we make the best possible impact and can support as many people as possible affected by the war.”