EcoVadis Bronze Sustainability Rating (2022)

As a professional services company, our environmental impact may be considered small. However, our mission remains to minimise our impact and seek improvement in any way possible across our global operations. This includes the reduction of our carbon footprint; increased use of sustainable and renewable energy; and recycling and good waste management wherever possible.

Our leadership, stakeholders and customers are all committed to climate change reduction, embedding these values across our business and fostering environmental awareness and responsibility throughout our organisation and beyond.

We’re proud to hold a Bronze sustainability rating from EcoVadis in the computer programming and consultancy industry.

Our environmental principles

  • Embed environmental awareness and consideration in everything we do
  • Continually improve and reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact
  • Select suppliers who can provide evidence of good environmental principles

Our waste management principles

  • Minimise general waste going to landfill and recycle everything possible
  • Reuse, donate or recycle over 99% of our eWaste
  • Select suppliers who can provide evidence of good waste management principles

Our sustainability goals

  • Identify and measure the environmental impacts of our activities, set targets, monitor and communicate progress against those targets to stakeholders and employees
  • Ensure that employees are aware & engaged in environmental issues relevant to their activities
  • Baseline and report our global carbon footprint for our financial year 2021-2022 by January 2023
  • Reduce our Scope 2 & 3 Carbon emissions by 10% over the next consecutive three-year periods
  • Reach Carbon neutrality by reductions through offsets by 2023 and Net Zero by 2030
  • Achieve Ecovadis Silver certification by Q1 2024 and Gold by Q1 2025
  • Transition our UK & US operations to full reliance on on/off-site green renewable energy by 2023

Environmental Policy

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