Author: Angela Brown

Guidance on secure by design for video surveillance systems — Video at the intersection of security, scale, and edge vs cloud

Realising the benefits of connected devices, deployed at scale, requires experience across a range of technology disciplines. This has been demonstrated by the release of new guidance regarding the security considerations around video surveillance systems.

Edge AI: Finding the right Edge for your AI

It’s estimated there’ll be over 30 billion active IoT devices in 2025, up from 12 billion in 2020. This dramatic growth is mirrored in the demand for Edge AI.  In our article Edge AI: Making smart choices for smarter devices, we outline a number of advantages that Edge AI brings. But Edge AI chips – powerful and tiny as they may be – are not, on their own, the answer to every Edge problem. For many applications the Edge devices are the workhorses of the processing but are part of a connected network of data from other locations and devices including the cloud.

The top five things we learned developing the use of video in health and social care

During the lockdown, we have seen wider engagement with video calling in healthcare. But, in this article Consult Red’s Adam Hoare argues that this adoption of video is not guaranteed in the future just because it has demonstrated it’s worth during COVID. Our experience indicates that service and support are key aspects of embedding remote care into practice.