Considering RDK-V in a set top box middleware roadmap

For: A national digital TV operator

The issue:

A leading national digital TV operator wanted to explore the implications of incorporating the community source Reference Development Kit for Video (RDK-V) into their middleware roadmap.

Our objective:

Our goal was to report on the impact of the total cost of ownership, and the time to market, of engaging with RDK-V as a middleware solution and to review the technological and system issues specific to the operator’s specific context.

What we did:

Strategy and Business Case

Reviewed the current solution context and the non-RDK-V roadmap options, and provided the comparative analysis of the outcomes of adopting the RDK-V approach. This analysis was informed by the following work.

Proof of concept & Design

We specified the alternative suppliers and components necessary to develop a proof of concept for a design using RDK-V. We indicated the necessary components of the RDK that would require integrating to provide the customer appropriate solution. And we provided guidance around the on-going commitment to the RDK approach and how the roadmap can be influenced.

Key Competencies Provided

  • Familiarity with the RDK evolution and roadmap.
  • A technical proof of concept to explore specific implications of the shift.
  • Knowledge of DRM integration and kernel hardening.
  • System architecture and vendor selection.
  • Customisation and differentiation of the customer offer.
  • Code management and build systems for the RDK approach.
  • Browser productising.
  • Graphics library design and implementation.
  • G-Streamer plugin implementation.
  • Third party application integration.
  • App manager and back-office functionality.
  • Technical Report 069 (TR-069) for remote management of customer-premises equipment (CPE).
  • Navigator, Guide and Apps.
  • Subtitles, DVB-SI and Teletext.
  • Youtube, Netflix and Over The Top (OTT) integrations.

How we did it:

Our wide experience in digital TV middleware and having one of the largest RDK teams in Europe allowed us to provide a comparative analysis between the current solution and one based on an RDK-V roadmap. The total cost of ownership was considered along with the time to market of the transition.

The outcome:

The customer had a clarity of the requirements to include RDK-V in their roadmap and were able to make an informed decision of the correct course of action for them.

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