Consult Red selected as Da Vinci scaling program partner by Netflix

Consult Red has been chosen by Netflix to join their new scaling program ‘Da Vinci’ – a fast-track platform solution for Operators with Reference Design Kit (RDK) Set Top Boxes (STBs)

As Netflix continues to grow the streaming giant wants to make it easier for Pay TV operators to integrate Netflix with their STBs or Smart TVs to help meet increased customer demand and drive innovation. Due to its versatility Operators are turning to RDK – an open-source software platform – to enhance customer experience and launch connected home services.

Project “Da Vinci” was created to enable Pay TV operators with services on RDK STBs to drive innovation and expand their offerings. The move means that Pay TV operators can now rapidly launch STBs with pre-installed premium SVOD services including Netflix. The fast-track solution accelerates time to market, streamlines development and cuts costs.

As Stuart Griffin, Consult Red co-founder comments ‘We’re delighted to be chosen to support the Da Vinci scaling programme – RDK is increasingly the go-to agile platform for Operators enabling them to rapidly launch next-gen video, IoT and connected home services.

We’ve been working with RDK from the beginning and have one of the largest RDK teams in Europe. It’s rapidly evolving and now emerging as a super versatile platform. We’re really excited to work with Netflix and operators to accelerate the next generation of devices.

Da Vinci will improve customer experience, drive innovation and enable fast-track deployment.’