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The Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses an enormous number of connected devices that collect and share data. The associated business potential is huge. But the […]

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Smart Router White Paper

We can speculate whether smart WiFi, security, VPNs, smart home, rapid updates or pre-emptive diagnostics will be the next big opportunity. But what’s not in […]

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Smart Router

The broadband router is poised to become the heart of the smart home. Key open source players, RDK and prpl are accelerating development of its […]

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If you’re looking to integrate telematics into your existing fleet, asset and logistics operations and systems, we can help. We’ll customize, design, develop and deploy a scalable, secure data processing platform so you can realise the value of your data through insight and operational […]

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Edge AI

Understanding the available hardware and software options and matching these to Edge AI use cases and applications requires a deep understanding of embedded system technologies. […]

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Karen Bach

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Paul Stevenson

Paul is responsible for delivering strong and secure financial management across the group and sits on the board of Directors.

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Shane McCarthy

Shane is Chief Operating Officer of Irdeto Video Entertainment and joined the Board of Consult Red in 2018.

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Rahul Mehra

Rahul is responsible for defining the company’s technical strategy.

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Darren Longhorn

Darren is responsible for the welfare and conditions of employees across the company.

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Tim Sheen

Tim is responsible for how we deliver our services to customers.

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Scaling IOT to mass market

Security is one of the most significant factors holding back deployment and adoption of IoT, and one of the most complex. As an IoT product […]

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IoT Secure by Design

Security is one of the most significant factors holding back deployment and adoption of IoT, and one of the most complex. As an IoT product […]

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Chris Briggs from Skyworth

Hear from Chris Briggs, CTO at Skyworth about how we collaborated with them to develop the first RDK Video Accelerator with an Amlogic SoC.

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As Europe’s largest RDK R&D team, we work with Operators, Silicon Vendors and OEMs through the entire product development journey from proof of concept to […]

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Stuart Griffin

Stuart is responsible for ensuring that everyone has the tools and business systems they need to work safely and efficiently.

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Meet the Team

In May 2021 Consult Red became an employee-owned organisation, putting it in pole position to attract and retain the industry’s best talent and disrupt the […]

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Embedded Android

The Android operating system is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software. It enhances SELinux with an extremely […]

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Embedded RTOS

The main choice of operating system for an embedded system is between a real time operating system (RTOS) and embedded Linux.

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Embedded Linux

Linux is a powerful and configurable open-source operating system. Its extensive networking, hardware and user interface support mean that it’s been ported to more computer […]

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Embedded Systems

We are an experienced embedded systems development company with a proven track record in embedded hardware design, embedded software development and embedded systems integration working […]

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COVID-19 update

Just like many other organisations across the world, we are responding to the unprecedented and fast-changing nature of the COVID-19 situation. We want to reassure […]