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We’ve been delivering value through innovation for over 20 years, supporting our clients with trusted consultancy and quality engineering, to help them innovate and launch new products and services.

From broadband connectivity and advanced service and application delivery, to OTT application porting and integration – we’ve got you covered.

Smart Router

The gateway to next-generation broadband services. The broadband router is poised to become the heart of the smart home. Key open source players, RDK and prpl are accelerating development of its fixed-function into an agile platform to exploit the intelligent edge.

With deep expertise in embedded systems and containerised technologies, we are ideally placed to take you through every stage of your project, from planning and design to implementation and delivery.

Smart Router - the broadband router is poised to become the heart of the smart home

Aggregate more

Our vision for how communication service providers can deliver even more value to their subscribers, beyond content and connectivity.

By ‘aggregating more’ they will be able to increase customer loyalty and raise ARPU, from services as diverse as multiplayer live gaming and home security, to smart domestic energy management.

Innovation to enable the truly smart, connected home.

Deliver customer value through service aggregation.

DAC Warehouse

Manage and deploy your apps with ease

DAC Warehouse is the ultimate platform for pay TV and broadband operators looking to efficiently manage and deploy applications to their subscriber base.

It enables flexible and secure management of all application types, deployed across a range of CPE device profiles. Streamline operations and delight subscribers with ease.

DAC Warehouse


The Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses an enormous number of connected devices that collect and share data.

The associated business potential is huge. But the successful design and development of products can be complex and the risk of failure is high.

IoT Product Development

Edge AI

Understanding the available hardware and software options and matching these to Edge AI use cases and applications requires a deep understanding of embedded systems.

Our extensive knowledge of embedded systems and AI technologies makes us ideally placed to help you navigate the challenges and help you deliver a successful solution.

edge AI

Hardware Design and Development

Solving your toughest hardware problems

With expertise across hardware, software and cloud, we offer consultancy, architecture and development services for complex, edge AI capable, embedded systems – designed to operate with constrained resources or in challenging environments.

Hardware design and development services


More apps – More control – Lower cost

AndApps is an advanced application delivery platform that opens access to the vast library of available Android applications, on RDK and Linux middleware-based devices.

Delight subscribers with access to casual/cloud gaming, the content they expect – including local catch-up and SVOD services, and social media applications – all delivered within your existing user experience, on your deployed CPE devices.


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We offer consultancy and flexible end-to-end development services for embedded software including RDK and prplOS, hardware and cloud architectures (and much, much more).