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From advanced software, hardware and cloud backend development, smart vision, intelligent home devices and rapid prototyping – we’ve got you covered.

Dedicated architecture team, product design and development

Product design & development

With expertise in hardware, software, and cloud, we offer consultancy, architecture, and development services for intelligent, connected devices and complex end-to-end systems.

Rapid prototyping

Quick turnaround prototyping to get to an initial Proof of Concept or Minimum Viable Product, bringing product concepts to tangible reality.

Smart Vision

Smart vision

Systems to interpret visual data or enhance automation and decision-making capabilities. Selection of sensors, lens, processor, video and control interfaces. Optical system matching and optimisation.

Intelligent Home

Intelligent home

Introducing intelligence technology to the smart home for new value-added services, broader market opportunities and the removal of barriers to adoption.

Making-products-‘SMART, device management and telemetry

Device management & telemetry

Scalable and secure device monitoring and telemetry solutions to streamline device fleet operations and enhance real-time decision-making.

Hardware design and development services

Solving your toughest hardware challenges

Hardware Design and Development

Our Capabilities

Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

Hardware, software and cloud development with embedded expertise ​
(inc. RTOS, Linux, Android)

IOT Solutions

IoT solutions

Chip to cloud, Zero to hero IoT – intelligent, connected product development services


PCB design

High speed design, analogue design and leading PCB technologies ​
(HDI, ELIC, Any Layer HDI)



Ensure devices meet regulatory standards for EMC, radio, eco-design and safety market approval, including CE/UKCA/FCC


Edge AI

Real-time data processing locally on devices without relying on cloud connectivity (HW/SW selection and matching, low latency)


Sensor fusion

Combine data from various sensors to provide an accurate and comprehensive understanding for precise real-time decision-making in dynamic environments.



Custom high-speed designs based on Xilinx FPGA and MPSoC’s targeting volume deployments and PoCs



Helping you navigate security-related decisions, reducing your risk and helping you get your secure IoT smart product to market faster.

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With end-to-end services include consultancy, technical strategy, solution architecture, product design and development, integration, compliance and testing – we are able to support your product development challenges.

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